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Zorp is a proxy firewall suite developed by Balabit IT Security. Its core framework allows the administrator to fine-tune proxy decisions (with Python script language), and fully analyze embedded protocols (such as SSL with an embedded POP3 or HTTP protocol). The FTP, HTTP, FINGER, WHOIS, TELNET, and SSL protocols are fully supported with an application-level[1] gateway.

Zorp aims for compliance with the Common Criteria/Application Level Firewall Protection Profile for Medium Robustness.

Zorp is released in a version under GNU GPL [2] and a commercial version with some additional features.

Supported protocols: Finger, Ftp, Http, Pop3, NNTP, IMAP4, RDP, RPC, SIP, SSL, SSH, Telnet, Whois, LDAP, RADIUS, TFtp, SQLNet NET8, Rsh. Plug is implemeted for proxying any L7 protocols.

The GPL version supports only the Finger, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3 Whois and Telnet protocols and their SSL encrypted counterparts, where applicable. Additionally two generic proxy is available: the plug, which just logs the connection, and the AnyPy used for implementing other not supported protocols.

Supported working modes: transparent and non-transparent working mode is supported as well.


2005: International Computer Security Association (ICSA) firewall certificate.[3]

2009: Westcoast labs certificate.[4]

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