Zorro (Philippines TV series)

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Created by Don Michael Perez
Developed by Don Michael Perez
Directed by Mark A. Reyes
Dominic Zapata
Starring Richard Gutierrez
and Rhian Ramos
Theme music composer Tats Faustino
Ending theme "Zorro" by Janno Gibbs
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino & Spanish
No. of episodes 98
Executive producer(s) Wilma Galvante
Location(s) Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Heritage Village, Bagac, Bataan, Philippines
Running time 30-45 minutes
Production company(s) Sony Pictures Television
Original channel GMA Network
Picture format 480i SDTV
Original run March 23, 2009 – August 7, 2009
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Zorro is a 2009 Philippine television series produced by GMA Network. It is an adaptation of the Zorro property created by Johnston McCulley, initially based on the novella The Curse of Capistrano. It stars Richard Gutierrez and Rhian Ramos. The series began airing on March 23, 2009 and ends on August 7, 2009.


The adventure begins in the city of Angeles where the city is ruled by Governor Luis Aragon (Eddie Gutierrez). Antonio Pelaez (Richard Gutierrez) is one of the residents of the town. Antonio founds out that he has a real mother and he was adopted. Her name is Marcela de la Cruz (Lani Mercado). When he finds out about his real mother, Antonio runs away from his adopted family to live with his real mother. Antonio doesn't know that his adopted cousin, Ramon Pelaez (TJ Trinidad) had become the new captain of the Guardia Civil in Angeles and Ramon is out to find Antonio. Then, Antonio finds out that Governor Luis Aragon wants to get rid of the "Indios". Antonio doesn't want the Indios to be killed by Governor Aragon. Captain Ramon kills Antonio's real mother and he is taken back to his adopted family. Antonio now wants to avenge the deaths of his mother and the Indios. He meets a man from California who guides him in becoming a vigilante; a man named Don Diego de la Vega (Jomari Yllana). He trained Antonio to become "Zorro". Antonio must not reveal to the public that he is Zorro. Antonio falls in love with a lovely girl named Lolita Pulido (Rhian Ramos).

Can Antonio (Zorro) save all the people from being killed? Can Antonio keep his secret from the public? Can Antonio keeps his relationship with Lolita alive?

When Antonio became Zorro, he saves a lot of people from Guardia Civil. One of his missions is to save Father Felipe (Ricky Davao) from being killed by the Guardia Civil. Another one is to save Angeles City from being destroyed by Jumal (Dick Israel), and other lesser enemies including mythical ones. Then, Lolita falls in love with Zorro and Antonio. Lolita chooses Antonio. They almost marry but during their wedding, someone (Suzette Ranillo) interrupts and forces Antonio to say that he is an Indio. That makes Lolita's mother (Pinky Marquez) and Antonio's adopted father (Joel Torre) angry. Dona Catalina, Lolita's mother, takes her away. Guardia Civil starts a trial for Antonio being an Indio. Antonio is found guilty but Pepe (Robert Villar), Antonio's sidekick, helps him escape from the courtroom. Antonio is shot by Captain Ramon for escaping, but he still finds a chance to hide. Pepe takes a comatose Antonio to a building owned by a Chinese healer, Tahong (Epi Quizon), the twin brother of Shihong, a Chinese restaurateur and merchant. Antonio is treated over there and is trained in fighting moves.

One day, Madame Bella (Maureen Larrazabal) comes to Antonio to tell him that Lolita and her family became poor because of Gov. Aragon. Antonio returns to Angeles and fights more soldiers. Zorro finds out that Captain Ramon is planning to burn the church where Lolita now lives. The church is already burning but Zorro is able to save everyone in the church. Zorro meets several Caballeros led by Don Rosso and composed of its members Father Felipe, Don Carlos (Leo Martinez), Silverio (Elvis Gutierrez), Dr. De los Reyes (Nonie Buencamino), Diego and Daniel (Felix and Dominic Roco), to help Zorro fight the evil soldiers. Zorro finds out that Don Rosso is Don Roberto, Antonio's adopted father and the two are reunited. Their first mission is to save the Indios from Gov. Aragon's "Impreyno". "Impreyno" is a place where Indios are forced to be slaves. Zorro and the Caballeros save the Indios from the Impreyno and fought the Impreyno guards and leaders. After the fall of Impreynos, Juana Manalo (Michelle Madrigal) wants revenge on the Guardia Civil, due to her death of his brother Agustin (Bodie Cruz) who was killed by Impreyno, by joining the Caballeros along with Antonio's deaf and mute friend, Bernardo (Antonio Aquitania). One of the Caballeros, Dr. De los Reyes, is killed by Capt. Ramon and then Sebastian (Richie Paul Gutierrez) replaces him.

After that, Antonio reunites with Lolita. Then, a big group of pirates comes to Angeles. They are led by Captain Lima Wong (Alfred Vargas). They come to look for a map that Shihong took. Captain Wong kidnapps Shihong and Lolita. They leave Angeles and Zorro follows them. Lolita tells Captain Wong that half of the map was burned by Shihong but Lolita remembers the sketch of a map. Lolita makes an agreement with Captain Wong by drawing a half piece of map. Then, Zorro saves Lolita from Capt. Wong. Zorro takes Lolita to a small island. Lolita falls in love with Zorro. Then, the pirates come to the island where Zorro fought them. Zorro forced Capt. Wong to go to Angeles.

When they arrive, Guardia Civil and their rivals, Caballeros, kill Capt. Wong and the pirates except a surviving pirate named Julio (Marco Alcaraz) who is always making tricks on Pepe and becomes Cara's (Bianca King) assistant. Pepe trickily incarcerates Julio into Zorro's lair so that he would tell to Antonio about Julio spied into the lair. Then, Lolita starts to have a love problem between Zorro and Antonio. Lolita breaks up with Antonio. Meanwhile, Gov. Aragon has received a news from the King of Spain, which is that Aragon will be replaced by a new governor. This news makes the governor furious. Then, Gov. Aragon creates a giant trojan horse called El Kabayo, which equips with flamethrower and gatling gun, that will kill the Indios. Then, Zorro and the Caballeros battle the giant horse unsuccessfully. Juana, as a Caballera, is almost killed but she survives and she reveals to them that she is disguising as a man and Don Russo tells her that he is Don Roberto himself. Then, Don Rosso/Roberto tells the caballeros not to give up and battle the giant horse. Then, one of the caballeros, Diego, is killed by the giant horse. His brother Daniel resigns from the Caballero group but goes back later for help. One of the members is a traitor. Then, Don Roberto comes to his greedy wife's (Jacklyn Jose) house. Dona Chiquita Pelaez is the one who tried to kill Don Roberto. Don Roberto does not know about it. Meanwhile, Capt. Ramon activates his "Ultimate plan". The plan includes the giant horse killing everyone in the city except the governor and himself.

When the mechanical horse arrives in central Angeles it kills several residents. Then, the horse is about to kill Lolita but Zorro saves her. Meanwhile, Don Roberto disappears in Chiquita's house and Dona Chiquita gets scared. Then, Zorro ultimately kills the giant horse by bombing it. It angers Captain Ramon but he makes his scheme by taking Zorro out for Lolita. Ramon and his guards capture Lolita and others workers of Shihong including Madame Bella while he gives Don Carlos a "heart attack". Meanwhile, Lena (Sheena Halili) is out to tell Antonio that Guardia Civil captured Lolita and the rest but Sargent Gaspar captures and hurt her with a sword. Lena says in her last words to Bernardo and others that Antonio should not be executed. Lena dies. Then Antonio runs into Pulido house and confronts Capt. Ramon in a swordfight but instead, Antonio surrenders to Ramon. Meanwhile, Don Carlos escapes from the guards' chariot and goes to tell Don Rosso that Antonio must not be executed. Don Rosso reveals himself to Don Carlos that he is Don Roberto and he tells him that he is alive. Capt. Ramon and the guards brutally hurt Antonio and they prepare an execution for Antonio but fortunately, Don Roberto shows up and the execution is cancelled. After the cancellation, Don Roberto and Antonio have their plan, to eliminate those who conspire against both, which is Captain Ramon, Dona Chiquita and even Governor Aragon. Meanwhile, Captain Ramon has a "Z" mark on his neck that Zorro gave and he realizes that Antonio is really Zorro.

Captain Ramon is out to tell to Gov. Aragon that Antonio is Zorro but Aragon doesn't believe. Meanwhile, a traitor, who reveals to be Silverio, spies each Caballero member including Juana, Don Carlos, Father Felipe and Bernardo so that he would report to Capt. Ramon and Gov. Aragon. That is unknown to Caballeros. At night, Antonio comes to sleep but Julio shows up trying to kill him and Pepe until Cara kills Julio to save Zorro and Pepe and she explains to him the truth about the identity of Zorro. Meanwhile, Dona Catalina and Lolita are telling the story about Capt. Horacio (Mark Gil) who revealed to be Dona Chiquita's admirer before married to Don Roberto. Then, Don Carlos is arrested after he reveals to his wife and Lolita about his identity as a Caballero, while others are safe from the guards. Later, Sergeant Pedro Gonzales (Bobby Andrews) tells Dona Catalina and Lolita that Don Carlos will be sentenced to death. Then Don Roberto reveals Dona Chiquita's love letters from Captain Horacio and then she tries to kill Roberto. Nana Maria Manalo (Sandy Andolong) and Antonio are witnesses to Dona Chiquita's plot and finally Dona Chiquita is arrested as an order from Don Roberto. As the execution of Don Carlos commences, the Caballeros show up and engages in a gunfight but Diego is shot by a gatling gun, just like his brother Daniel who was killed by the same gun. Meanwhile, Antonio fights Guardia Civil and saves Shihong and his workers.

Then, Don Carlos is shot by Guardia Civil and dies before Antonio / Zorro shows up. Lolita and Dona Catalina grieve over the death of Don Carlos. Then, Lolita gets mad at Antonio for not saving her father. Then, Lolita holds a funeral for Don Carlos. The Caballeros show up in the funeral. Then, Dona Catalina suffers a depression because of her husband's death. After the death of Don Carlos, Don Roberto sets up a plan by putting a piece of paper into a cabinet so that he will know that the traitor. One night, Silverio gets a piece of paper and puts it into Bernardo's. Then after their sleep, Don Roberto founds a piece of paper and he accuses Bernardo as a traitor but Juana disagrees. But instead, Juana manages to lie them that she is the one who stole the paper and she's the traitor. Lolita's grandmother arrives from Spain to pay for a visit. And she greets her granddaughter and her daughter Dona Catalina and they are planning to go to Spain. Meanwhile, Capt. Ramon makes his plan by making women and children as slave workers in a dangerous cave and he orders his soldiers to treat them harshly. Then, Don Roberto told Nana Maria that Juana is a caballero and a traitor. Nana Maria disagrees and gets worried.

One night, Capt. Ramon and Silverio meet to discuss about a plan, to capture Cara. Unknown to them, Magda (Bubbles Paraiso) is there and she hears a conversation. But after Captain Ramon leaves, she steps into a bamboo and Silverio hears and captures her, however fortunately, Paquita (Paloma Esmeria) shows up to rescue her but she is killed by Silverio. Then, Magda leaves. Meanwhile, Sgt. Gonzales tells to Capt. Ramon that they have captured Cara already. Then Capt. Ramon orders Sgt. Gonzales and the guards to rape and kill Cara. Sgt. Gaspar approaches and asks Sgt. Gonzales if he can join the fun, Sgt. Gonzales does not want to be a part of it so he just leaves "all the fun" for Sgt. Gaspar. Then Sgt. Gaspar tries to rape Cara but Zorro shows up beating other guards and Cara kills Sgt. Gaspar.

The next morning, Antonio is out to meet Lolita once more but she leaves for Spain along with her mother and grandmother without notice to give to Antonio. Then Pepe tells to Antonio that Juana is ready to be executed. Meanwhile, The Caballeros are having an execution of Juana but Magda is out to tell to Nana Maria that the real traitor is Silverio and they are out to find them. Zorro approaches the Caballeros and Silverio tries to shoot Juana but Bernardo saves her and gets shoot by him. Then Nana Maria and Magda show up telling them that Silverio is the real traitor. Silverio tries to kill Juana but Zorro stops him and Don Roberto shoots him to death. Bernardo is still alive but he is comatose, he is later taken to the Chinese Temple where Antonio nursed his wounds once before. Later at night, Cara goes to Pelaez' house unalarmed and she fights Capt. Ramon but he tries to kill her. Then Juana shows up continuing to fight with Cara against Captain Ramon. They make him a captive and Zorro and the Caballeros show up and Cara tells him that he must kill Captain Ramon but Zorro has to think first. Looking at the dagger Cara gave him Zorro raised it and with a swinging motion he cuts the rope, freeing Captain Ramon. The Caballero's then left the room as an impending Guardia Civil attack is going to happen, the guards immediately flood the hideout and capture Zorro. Capt. Ramon then kills Cara in front of Zorro's eyes. In her dying moments, Cara reveals to Zorro that Capt. Ramon was the one who killed his mother, Marcela. Zorro loses his composure and starts to fight, but is captured.

Final battle[edit]

The next day, Gov. Aragon decides to leave for Spain and he orders his guards and Sgt. Gonzales that the children and woman should perish by explosives. But a soldier named Baltazar (Rocky Gutierrez) sends news to Gov. Aragon that Zorro is in the plaza for execution as a call from the captain. Captain Ramon reveals to the public and the Governor that Zorro is Antonio which makes the residents and the Governor shock. Capt. Ramon continues the execution of Antonio but Gov. Aragon cancels and he sends the children to the plaza. The Caballeros are planning for the final battle against Guardia Civil and Don Roberto tells them that Zorro is really Antonio. Meanwhile, Lolita returns from a trip back to Angeles and Madame Bella tells to her that Antonio is in the plaza. And then she sees Antonio and she finds out that he is Zorro who is being executed by the order of the Governor. Zorro makes his decision that he will be executed to make the children free. Later, Capt. Ramon and the Gov. Aragon tries to hide their evidence by perish all the remaining children and woman in the fortress. That evidence proves that the Governor and all the Spanish guards are responsible for their crimes he made and the evidence should report to the Spanish authorities. Then, Captain Ramon orders the soldiers to hurt Antonio brutally till death. Then Capt. Ramon meets his mother Dona Chiquita, who is now a lunatic (speaking to her imaginary friend "Don Carlos", named after Lolita's late father), in prison and she tells him that Gov. Aragon should be killed because according to her, Gov. Aragon was the one responsible for stealing all the gold from the late Captain Horacio who was the first one to discovered the gold. She gets released as an order by her son. Then Capt. Ramon is out to find Gov. Aragon and he tries to stop him but the Governor orders his elite soldiers to engage a battle against Capt. Ramon's personal soldiers. Meanwhile, the Caballeros are engaging in a final battle against the remaining Guardia Civil. Fortunately, Sgt. Gonzales changes his mind by killing a soldier who tries to shoot Antonio and he finally gives his mask to Antonio but Sgt. Gonzales gets shoot and he tells to Antonio that he needs to save the victims from the fortress. Zorro comes out to eliminate the remaining soldiers. After the battle, Antonio and Lolita reunites again. But Zorro and the Caballeros have to go to save the victims from the fortress. They found the prisoners, fight the remaining guards and Zorro puts off the explosives to make the victims free until Captain Ramon shows up. Zorro confronts and duels Capt. Ramon for the last time until Gov. Aragon shows up trying to kill both and almost shoots them but they drop into the mining cart. Don Roberto shoots Gov. Aragon to death while Zorro and Capt. Ramon fights in the mining cart, which goes deeper until reaches outside. Captain Ramon begs "forgiveness" to Antonio but he tries to stab him until he is encountered by Zorro and falls to death. Dona Chiquita witnesses the death of her son. The deaths of Governor Aragon and Captain Ramon results the end of the Spanish regime and the start of the new beginning for the Indios.

After The Battle[edit]

After the hardships, sufferings and the death of the tyrannical Governor Luis Aragon and Captain Ramon Pelaez, the residents of the town of Angeles are celebrating their freedom and victory of Zorro. The town is having a new governor who shows care, love and democracy not only for Indios or Filipinos but also for foreigners unlike the previous governor. Madame Bella and her two Bellas are having their jobs back and still works with Shihong. Then Bernardo awakes and reunites with Pepe and Juana and Juana marries him. Father Felipe returns as a priest. Dona Catalina becomes well, happy and wealthy again and she meets Shihong who escorts her mother, Lolita's grandmother, to discuss their business. Dona Chiquita is still lunatic and penniless and then she meets Dona Catalina and they finally reconcile each other and later she gives food to her. Then Pepe meets Father Felipe and Don Roberto and they tell him what is his dream. Pepe says that he wants to become a doctor someday, Father Felipe and Don Roberto then notice Pepe's slipper floating on the lake and are surprised when Pepe decides to let go of the other pair by dropping it to the water, saying that a slipper is useless without its pair, and if ever a fisherman gets the slipper, at least it would have its pair to accompany it - this is a popular story involving the Philippine's National Hero, Jose Rizal - who incidentally was nicknamed Pepe. This signals that little Pepe is destined for greatness if he was Jose Rizal although it is unconfirmed. After that, Don Roberto tells Nana Maria, that she will no longer be a maid but the manager of the Hacienda Pelaez. Finally, Antonio marries Lolita.


The TV series was shot on location at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Heritage Village in Bagac, Bataan. To prepare for the series, the entire cast took lessons in fencing, horse riding, and Spanish.[1]


Main cast[edit]

Recurring cast[edit]

Extended cast[edit]

  • Gloria Sevilla as Nana Zita
  • Sheena Halili as Lena
  • Bubbles Paraiso as Magda
  • Paloma Esmeria as Paquita Pakwan
  • Shiela Marie Rodriguez as Lisa
  • Bodie Cruz as Agustin Manalo
  • Elvis Gutierrez as Silverio / Traitor Caballero #3

Guest cast[edit]

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