Zouzou (film)

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1934 Zouzou.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Marc Allégret
Produced by Arys Nissotti
Written by Carlo Rim
Starring Jean Gabin
Josephine Baker
Music by Vincent Scotto , Georges Van Parys , Alain Romans
Edited by Denise Batcheff
Distributed by Corona Films
Release dates
  • 1934 (1934)
Running time 85 min.
Country France
Language French

Zouzou is a French film by Marc Allégret released in 1934.[1]


As children, Zouzou and Jean are paired in a traveling circus as twins: she's dark, he's light. After they've grown, he treats her as if she were his sister, but she's in love with him. In Paris, he's a music hall electrician, she's a laundress who delivers clean underwear to the hall. She introduces him to Claire, her friend at work, and the couple fall in love. Jean conspires to get the show's star out of town and for the theater manager to see the high-spirited Zouzou perform. When Jean's accused of murder and Zouzou needs money to mount his defense, she pleads to go on stage. Her talents may save the show, but can anything save her dream of life with Jean?


  1. Jean Gabin: Jean, an orphan
  2. Josephine Baker: Zouzou, the orphan mulatto
  3. Pierre Larquey: Father Mélé, fairground
  4. Claire Gerard: Ms Valley, the laundress
  5. Yvette Lebon: Clare Valley, the daughter
  6. Illa Meery: Miss Barbara, the star of music hall
  7. Madeleine Guitty: Josette, clothing
  8. Marcel Vallée: Mr Horn, director of music-hall
  9. Teddy Michaud: Julot
  10. Pierre Palau: Mr. de Saint-Lévy, the protector
  11. Serge Grave: Jean, Child
  12. Floyd Smith: The ballet master of the journal
  13. Viviane Romance: The girl attablée
  14. Philippe Richard: The Police Commissioner
  15. Robert Seller: The Sponsor
  16. Roger Blin: A witness to the murder
  17. Georges Van Parys: Pianist
  18. Eugène Stuber: A man at the ball
  19. Louis Wins: The conductor of the journal
  20. Irene Ascou: Zouzou, child
  21. Geo Forster
  22. Lucien Walter
  23. Emile Carrara
  24. Adrienne Trenkel
  25. Andrée Wendler


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