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Zoya Pirzad (Persian: زویا پیرزاد‎) (born 1952 in Abadan) is a renowned Iranian-Armenian[1] writer and novelist.

Pirzad's first novel, Cheragh-ha ra man khamush mikonam ("I Will Turn Off the Lights"; published in English as Things We Left Unsaid) has been published numerous times in Iran and has been translated to several languages.[2] She won the Hooshang Golshiri Literary Award for The Best Novel of the Year for her "superb characterization, ingenious representation of the conflicting emotions of a woman, creating suspense through defamiliarization of everyday life, creating a language in perfect harmony with the theme and characters of the novel".[3]


  • Things We Left Unsaid (Cheragh-ha ra man khamush mikonam), tr. Franklin Lewis, London: Oneworld, 2012.
  • Yek ruz mandeh beh eid-e pak ("One Day Till Easter")
  • Ta'am gass khormalu ("The Acrid Taste of Persimmon")
  • Mesl-e hameh asr-ha ("Like Every Evening")
  • Adat mikonim ("We Will Get Used to It")

All the books mentioned above have been translated into French and published by Zulma Publishers in Paris.[4]

Zoya Pirzad's works have also been translated into German, Italian, Turkish, Spanish and Greek, published in those countries.


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