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Gender Male
Word/name Persian
Region of origin Iran
Other names
Related names Joubin, Chubin

Zubin (Persian: زوبین‎), also Zhubin and Jubin (ژوبین) is a male given name in the Persian language.[1] While its main spread is in the regions of Greater Iran,[1] it is also used in other nations such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.

The name Zubin originated from the regions of Iran and possibly Greater Iran.[1] Currently its spread is within Iran and its neighboring countries.[1] It is sometimes used by Zoroastrians in India known as Parsis, who also trace their roots back to the Iran region.

The name refers to a short spear that is used in a throwing fashion. The zubin was used as a weapon in ancient times.[1] Variants of the name exist, such as Joubin (ژوبین) and the similar sounding Persian name, Chubin (چوبین), which refers to a different weapon, the mace (the "choob", Persian for "wood").

the name 'Jubin' means 'A man who touches the sky.'

Notable persons[edit]

  • Zubin Mehta (born 1936), conductor of Western classical music


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