Zucchius (crater)

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Zucchius (crater)
Coordinates 61°24′S 50°18′W / 61.4°S 50.3°W / -61.4; -50.3Coordinates: 61°24′S 50°18′W / 61.4°S 50.3°W / -61.4; -50.3
Diameter 64 km
Depth 3.2 km
Colongitude 52° at sunrise
Eponym Niccolò Zucchi

Zucchius is a prominent lunar impact crater located near the southwestern limb. Because of its location the crater appears oblong-shaped due to foreshortening. It lies just to the south-southwest of the crater Segner, and northeast of the much larger walled plain Bailly. To the southeast is Bettinus, a formation only slightly larger than Zucchius.

The crater rim is symmetrical and shows little significant wear from impacts. The inner wall is terraced, and there is a group of small central peaks that forms a curving arc around the middle of the floor. Due to its ray system, Zucchius is mapped as part of the Copernican System.[1]

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Zucchius.

Zucchius Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 61.8° S 56.0° W 28 km
B 61.8° S 54.3° W 25 km
C 60.8° S 45.2° W 22 km
D 61.4° S 58.7° W 26 km
E 61.3° S 60.6° W 21 km
F 60.1° S 56.5° W 8 km
G 60.5° S 57.2° W 25 km
H 61.0° S 59.7° W 14 km
K 64.3° S 58.0° W 10 km


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