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This article is about a Canadian rock band. For the 1985 film see its director and writer's page Percy Adlon
Origin Calgary, Canada
Genres pop rock, rock, Alternative
Years active pre-1996–present
Labels None, formerly Mercury/Polygram and Mercury/Universal
Website MySpace page
Members Andy Eichhorn – Lead vocals, guitar
Reed Shimozawa – Guitar, vocals
Ed Tiegs – Bass, drums
Ian Grant – Bass

Zuckerbaby is an Alberta-based rock band who found success in the late 1990s. "Andromeda", "Heavy" and "Shampoo" were singles released from their debut, self-titled album.[1] Their second CD "Platinum Again" was released in 2000 and two singles were released from it ; "Overexposure" and "Holiday".

Band members[edit]

Former members[edit]

  • Brian Doss - Bass
  • Ted Koti - Bass (replaced Doss in 1998, and was replaced by Ed Tiegs in 1999)
  • Wayne Stadler - Drums
  • Mark Freeland - Bass
  • Kurt Dahle - Drums (temporary for Stadler in 1998)

The band also had co-writers for their Platinum Again album:[2]

Origin of the name[edit]

The name "Zuckerbaby" comes from a German art film, made in 1985, directed and written by Percy Adlon.[3] The film is also known as Sugarbaby.


Year Title Label
1996 Ooh I'm So Pretty Calgary Band Compilation (featuring Andromeda and Jealousy)
1997 Zuckerbaby Mercury/Polygram
2000 Platinum Again Mercury/Universal


Year Song Album
1997 "Andromeda" Zuckerbaby
1997 "Heavy" Zuckerbaby
1998 "Shampoo" Zuckerbaby
2000 "Overexposure" Platinum Again
2000 "Holiday" Platinum Again


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