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Aerial photo of Zuiderduintjes.jpg
Aerial photo of Zuiderduintjes in 2011
Coordinates 53°31′20″N 6°35′20″E / 53.52222°N 6.58889°E / 53.52222; 6.58889Coordinates: 53°31′20″N 6°35′20″E / 53.52222°N 6.58889°E / 53.52222; 6.58889
Archipelago (West) Frisian Islands
Adjacent bodies of water North Sea, Wadden Sea
Area 74 ha (180 acres)
Province Groningen
Municipality Eemsmond
Population 0

Zuiderduintjes (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈzœy̆dərˌdœy̆ncəs]; English: Little Southern Dunes) is an uninhabited island in the Wadden Sea in the Netherlands. It is situated south of Rottumeroog, east of Rottumerplaat, and west of Borkum. The island is one of the three West Frisian Islands in the municipality of Eemsmond and in the province of Groningen. The island had a surface area of 57 ha (140 acres) in 1995 and 74 ha (180 acres) in 2007. It is part of the natural reserve Rottum. Access to the island is prohibited since it is a resting and foraging area for birds and seals.[1]


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