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Zuoxiao Zuzhou
Zuoxiao Zuzhou performing at Beijing in March 2010
Background information
Birth name Wu Hongjin
Born (1970-03-04) March 4, 1970 (age 44)
Jianhu, Jiangsu, China
Genres Folk, rock, country, experimental, blues, folk rock
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, musician, composer, artist, author
Instruments Vocals, Guitar, Violin
Years active 1993–present
Website Zuoxiao Zuzhou Official Website

Zuoxiao Zuzhou (Chinese: 左小祖咒) (b. Yancheng, March 4, 1970), real name Wu Hongjin, (吴红巾),is a Chinese musician and artist.

Zuoxiao Zuzhou is also a notable music producer. He has produced and arranged Chinese famous artist ---- Ai Weiwei's first rock album (The Divine Comedy). The soundtracks from the album are featured prominently in Ai Weiwei's documentary films.

Grew up as a self-educated musician, he founded the rock band No and was a member of the Beijing East Village art collective.[1] He has also contributed to the Huayi Chinese Festival of Arts at the Esplanade, Singapore,[2] and provided vocals for the song "A Walk in the Park" on Cowboy Junkies 2010 album Renmin Park.[3] In 2008 he released the two-disc solo album You Know Where the East Is.[1]

The meaning of Wu Hongjin's stage name, Zuo xiao (left , little ) Zu zhou (ancestor , curse ) reflects that everyone called him "unclear" or "unreliable" (没谱, méipǔ).[4] Or that it is just for sound and has no meaning.[5]


Zuoxiao Zuzhou's CD artwork frequently include pigs or donkeys.

  • The lost master 《走失的主人》1998
  • Trip to temple fair 《庙会之旅》1999
  • Zuoxiao Zuzhou at Di'anmen 《左小祖咒在地安门》 2001
  • I cannot Sit Sadly by Your Side 《我不能悲伤地坐在你身旁》2005
  • The USA《美国》2006
  • You Know Where the East Is 《你知道东方在哪一边》2008
  • Big deal 《大事》2009
  • Zuoxiao Zuzhou OST For Ai Weiwei Works No.1 《左小祖咒原声配乐No.1》 2010
  • Trip to temple fair II《庙会之旅II》2011
  • You Know The Enemy Is Over There《你知道对方在那一边》2011
  • Zuoxiao Zuzhou Head to Naizifang《左小祖咒去奶子房》2012
  • Love for Life《最爱》2012
  • I Never Tasted This Kind of Little Grape 《这小小的葡萄我从来没吃过》2013
  • The Ideal City 《一座城池》2013
  • We Need A Troubadour 《我们需要个歌手》2014

Film Scores[edit]


  • The Ideal City (Based on a Han Han Novel)


  • Life Is A Miracle By Gu Changwei
  • Very Sorry By Ai Weiwei


  • An Isolated Man By Ai Weiwei
  • Beautiful Life By Ai Weiwei
  • Hua Hao Yue Yuan By Ai Weiwei
  • San Hua By Ai Weiwei


  • 4851--May 12 Earthquake Student Victims List By Ai Weiwei
  • Old Mom Pettitoes By Ai Weiwei
  • Turtle's Road to Homeland By Dong Wensheng


  • Stab Me By Liu Jian


  • Fairy Tale By Ai Weiwei
  • Tale of Stone By Dong Wensheng
  • Seven Sages in Bamboo Forest By Yang Fudong
  • Golden Week By Li Hongqi
  • End Credit Music for Useless By Jia Zhangke


  • Too Much Rice By Li Hongqi
  • The World By Jia Zhangke
  • On Darkness Does Not Exist (Play) By Zhu Xiuyang


  • South of Cloud By Zhu Wen
  • Ru Meng Ling By Jin Feng


  • Channel Cave By Zhou Xiaohu
  • Eat Drink Play Joy By Ai Dan & Ai Weiwei


  • Mr. Honey By Zhou Xiaohu


  • Beautiful Mushroom Cloud By Zhou Xiaohu


  • Season of Taxi By Ma Yingli


  • Mad dog barks at the tomb《狂犬吠墓》, 2001
  • The Sad Boss 《忧伤的老板》 2010
  • Zuoxiao Zuzhou Guitar Tabs《左小祖咒有谱》, 2011

Work of art[edit]

  • ‘Add One Meter to Unnamed Mountain’, Behavioral Art, Miao Feng Mountain, Beijing,1995
  • ‘Methodology’, song based on Jiang Zemin’s report on the 15th NPC ,China 1997
  • ‘I Love Contemporary Art Also’, Miao Feng Mountain, Beijing, China 2007

Art Events & Exhibitions[edit]


  • ‘Switch’, First Contemporary Art Exhibition of Xi'an, Xi'an Museum of Contemporary Art
  • ‘Integration’, T-Museum Opening Exhibition, Hangzhou T-Museum, Zhejiang


  • Spectacle Reconstruction –Chinese Contemporary Art,MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts,Hungary
  • Voice of the Unseen, Collateral event of the 55th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale Di Venezia
  • Walking with Pigs, Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archeology at Peking University
  • Individual Growth—the Momentum of Contemporary Art,Tianjin Art Museum、Shijiazhuang Art Museum
  • Fuck off 2, The Groninger Museum, Holland


  • ‘Baptized - Art Under the Disaster’, CCD300 Contemporary Art and Design Center
  • ‘Down to earth’, Contemporary Art Collection Exhibition in Guangxi, You Ming Tang Art Center of MIXC, Nanning


  • ‘Slap’, Invitation Exhibition of Young Artists, Beijing Sanlitun four five Art Center, China
  • ‘Red Prescription’, Huangjueping Independent Image Art Space, Chongqing
  • ‘Elite Exhibition of Contemporary Art’, Dalian Zhongshan Museum of Art


  • ‘Interconnected’, Three Shadows Art Documentary, Beijing Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, China
  • ‘San Sheng Wan Wu’, Comprehensive Art Exhibition, Shanghai Zhengda Contemporary Art Exhibition Hall, China
  • ‘Museum on Paper’, Art & Investment Magazine, Beijing, China
  • ‘Get It Louder-Sharism’, Beijing Sanlitun Soho, Shanghai 800Show Creative Park, China
  • ‘Transition’, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Wenzhou Seventh Art Center, China
  • ‘Nature of China’, Contemporary Art Documentary, Suzhou True Color Museum, China
  • ‘Arles in Beijing’, The First Annual Caochangdi PhotoSpring, China
  • ‘The 4th China Independent Film Festival’, Institute of Drama and Film Studies, Nanjing University, China
  • ‘Passing China’, Contemporary Chinese Photography, Gallery Sanstorium, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • ‘3+X People And Things Around’, Contemporary Art Exhibition, China Art Archives and Warehouse, Beijing, China
  • ‘3+X/B Asks B Answers’, H.J.Y Contemporary Art Center, Beijing, China
  • ‘3+X Can Be More Poetic’, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Nanjing Shangdong Contemporary Art, China
  • ‘3+X’, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archeology at Peking University, China
  • ‘Contemporary Artist Photo Exhibition’, Today Art Gallery, Beijing, China
  • ‘You West, Me East’, Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Chengdu K Gallery, China
  • ‘You West, Me East’, Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shenzhen Art Museum, China
  • ‘You West, Me East’, Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Wuhan Art Museum, China
  • ‘You West, Me East’, Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Xi’an Art Museum, China
  • ‘Dong Gallery New Art Show’, Dong Gallery, 798 Art District, Beijing, China


  • ‘New Art Revolution-Chinese Contemporary Art in Cuba’, National Museum of Fine Art, Havana, Cuba
  • ‘Yan Gerber International Arts Festival(1st)’, Yan Gerber Museum of Modern Art, Weichang County, Hebei Province, China
  • ‘Passing By China’, Contemporary Chinese Photography, Eli Klein Fine Art Gallery, New York, U.S
  • ‘So Sorry’, Ai Weiwei, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany
  • ‘Polar Region Tension’, Exhibition of Artists from Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu, Qisheng Gallery, Luodai Town, China
  • ‘China Imagery, City Flag’, Xi'an Qujiang International Contemporary Art Season, China
  • ‘Zhi Dong Da Xi’, Yuangong&Zuoxiao Zuzhou Exhibition, Shanghu Gallery, China
  • ‘Fluid Community’, Constellations, The First Beijing 798 Biennale, China
  • ‘Crap’, Chengdu Contemporary Art Exhibition, China
  • ‘2nd Mary Inn Media Clippings, Art Meets Rock’ n Roll’, Yugong Yishan Club, Beijing, China
  • ‘19 Games’, Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, T. Art Center, Beijing, China
  • ‘13 No Kaos’, Duffy Cigar Art Gallery, Kunming, Yunnan, China
  • ‘Reflection’-2009 New Art World Invitation Exhibition, Wall Art Museum, The Central Academy of Arts & Design, Beijing, China
  • ‘Reflection’-2009 New Art World Invitation Exhibition, West Lake Gallery, Zhejiang, China


  • ‘Chinese Complex’, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Huamao Center, Beijing,China
  • Hypallage, the Post-Modern Mode Of Chinese Contemporary Art, The OCT Art & Design Gallery, Shenzhen,China
  • ‘Maze II’, Asian Contemporary Art Center, Beijing, China
  • Palm Beach 3 Art Fair, Florida, U.S.
  • Art Basel Miami-China Art in the Beach, Florida, U.S.
  • ‘You Know Where the East is’, Imperial City Art Museum, Beijing, China
  • ‘Sky’ Famed Artists Gallery Show, Red Space Gallery, 798 Art District, Beijing, China
  • ‘Academy and Non-Academy’ Gallery Show, Yibo Gallery, Shanghai,China
  • Art Exhibition, Chongqing Art Festival
  • Sculpture Show, Loft, 798 Art District, Beijing China,
  • International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai Expo
  • Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing Expo,China
  • Art Exhibition, Yuangong Modern Art Gallery, Shanghai,China


  • ‘A Retrospective of Unnamed Art Group’, Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art, China
  • Pingyao International Photography Festival, Shanxi, China
  • ‘Convection’ Retrospective of Collections at Three Shadows Contemporary Photography Center, Beijing,China
  • ‘I Love Contemporary Art Also’, Miao Feng Mountain, Beijing, China


  • ‘Seven’ Contemporary Art Exhibition, National Museum of Singapore
  • ‘A Retrospective of Contemporary Photography’, at Season Gallery, 798 Art District, Beijing,China
  • ‘Lianzhou International Photography Festival’, Guangdong, China
  • The 30th Hong Kong International Film Festival, Hong Kong


  • ‘The Amsterdam China Festival’, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • ‘Art Forum Berlin’, Alexander Ochs Galleries, Berlin


  • ‘What’ Art Exhibition, Shanxi Art Museum, China


  • ‘Crusoe-Exhibition of Contemporary Art’, Post-Modern City, Beijing, China


  • Signboard, China Tour In Six Major Cities


  • Mad Dog Crying Over Graveyard, Sonic Factory, Hong Kong


  • 48th Venice Biennale, Italy


  • ‘Methodology’, song based on Jiang Zemin’s report on the 15th NPC ,China


  • ‘Sound of Origin’ Behavioral Art at a Fly-over, Dongbianmen, Beijing
  • ‘Add One Meter to Unnamed Mountain’, Behavioral Art, Miao Feng Mountain, Beijing
  • ‘New Year’s Voice’, Maxim’s Restaurant at Chongwenmen, Beijing


  • Founded the avant-garde artists commune ‘East Village’ of Beijing, as one of the masterminds


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