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Zuoxiao Zuzhou
Zuoxiao Zuzhou performing at Beijing in March 2010
Background information
Birth name Wu Hongjin
Born (1970-03-04) March 4, 1970 (age 44)
Jianhu, Jiangsu, China
Genres Folk, rock, country, experimental, blues, folk rock
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, musician, composer, artist, author
Instruments Vocals, Guitar, Violin
Years active 1993–present
Website Zuoxiao Zuzhou Official Website

Zuoxiao Zuzhou (Chinese: 左小祖咒) (b. Yancheng, March 4, 1970), real name Wu Hongjin, (吴红巾),also call himself Zoo X, is a Chinese musician and artist.

Grew up as a self-educated musician, he founded the rock band No and was a member of the Beijing East Village art collective.[1] He has also contributed to the Huayi Chinese Festival of Arts at the Esplanade, Singapore,[2] and provided vocals for the song "A Walk in the Park" on Cowboy Junkies 2010 album Renmin Park.[3] In 2008 he released the two-disc solo album You Know Where the East Is.[1]

The meaning of Wu Hongjin's stage name, Zuo xiao (left , little ) Zu zhou (ancestor , curse ) reflects that everyone called him "unclear" or "unreliable" (没谱, méipǔ).[4] Or that it is just for sound and has no meaning.[5]


Zuoxiao Zuzhou's CD artwork frequently include pigs or donkeys.

  • The lost master 《走失的主人》- songs from 1993–96, published 1998
  • Trip to temple fair 《庙会之旅》1999
  • Zuoxiao Zuzhou at Di'anmen 《左小祖咒在地安门》 2001
  • I cannot Sit Sadly by Your Side 《我不能悲伤地坐在你身旁》2005
  • The USA《美国》2006 -Soundtrack Album for Jia Zhangke & Zhu Wen's Movies
  • You Know Where the East Is 《你知道东方在哪一边》2008
  • Big deal 《大事》2009
  • Zuoxiao Zuzhou OST For Ai Weiwei Works No.1 《左小祖咒原声配乐No.1》 2010
  • Trip to temple fair II《庙会之旅II》2011 – cover shows a donkey looking over the burning China Central Television Headquarters fire of 2008
  • You Know The Enemy Is Over There《你知道对方在那一边》2011
  • Zuoxiao Zuzhou Head to Naizifang《左小祖咒去奶子房》2012
  • Love for Life《最爱》2012 -Soundtrack Album for Gu Changwei's Love for Life
  • I Never Tasted This Kind of Little Grape 《这小小的葡萄我从来没吃过》2013


  • Mad dog barks at the tomb《狂犬吠墓》, 2001


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