Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

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Zuyd University of Applied Sciences
Academic staff 1,500
Students 13,551
Location Heerlen, Sittard, and Maastricht, Netherlands
Website http://www.zuyd.nl

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences (Dutch: Zuyd Hogeschool) is a University of Applied Sciences with campuses in Heerlen, Sittard and Maastricht in the southeastern Netherlands.

The main focus of Zuyd University is on Bachelor programmes, 52 in total[1], most of them in Dutch. There are currently[when?] 8 master programmes[2].

In the latest edition of the Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs 2008 ('2008 Higher Education Guide’), Zuyd University takes first place of the 13 larger universities of applied sciences,[citation needed] with an average score of 6.85.


Zuyd University has the following divisions[3]:

  • Economics, Languages, Communication and Hospitality
  • Health Care
  • Social Studies, Behaviour & Society
  • Arts & Design, Music
  • Teacher Training / Education
  • Technology and Engineering

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences consists of the following faculties[4], at three different locations:

Faculty Location
Ergo therapy[1] Heerlen
Health and Technology Heerlen
Logopedics Heerlen
Nursing Heerlen
Construction Heerlen
Life Science Heerlen
ICT Heerlen/Sittard/Maastricht
Technology Heerlen
Facility Management Heerlen
Education Heerlen/Maastricht
European Studies Maastricht
International Business & Communication Maastricht
Social Pedagogic Work Maastricht
Social Pedagogic Work Sittard
Social Work Sittard
School of Hotel Management [5] Maastricht
Academy of Music Maastricht
Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht
Academy of Dramatic Arts Maastricht
Academic of Architecture Maastricht
Work and Law Sittard
International Business & Management Studies Maastricht
Marketing Management Sittard
Academie Verloskunde Maastricht (University of Midwifery Education & Studies) Maastricht

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