Zweigen Kanazawa

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Zweigen Kanazawa
Zweigen Kanazawa logo.gif
Full name Zweigen Kanazawa
Nickname(s) Zweigen
Founded 2006
Ground Ishikawa Kanazawa Stadium
(Seibu Ryokuchi Kōen)
Kanazawa, Ishikawa
Ground Capacity 20,261
Chairman Hiroshi Yonezawa
Manager Hitoshi Morishita
League J. League Division 2
2014 J3 League, 1st
Website Club home page

Zweigen Kanazawa (ツエーゲン金沢 Tsuēgen Kanazawa) is a Japanese football club based in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. They play in J. League Division 2.


The club was formed in 1956 under the simple name Kanazawa Soccer Club and adopted its current identity in 2004. The Hokushinetsu region, long sleepy in football terms and whose potential only arose with Albirex Niigata leading the way, provided few opportunities for Kanazawa to rise in Japan's football ranks until the late 2000s. On 19 December 2009 they were promoted to the JFL after beating FC Kariya at the promotion/relegation playoff with 2–1 aggregate score,[1] following a third place finish in the 2009 All Japan Regional Football Promotion League Series.

On December 15, 2010, a new management company called Zweigen, Inc. was established in order to apply to the J-League associate membership.

On January 7, 2011 the team applied for J-League associate membership.[2]

On 16 November 2014, Zweigen became the inaugural J3 League champions, and having gained a licence to compete in J. League Division 2 will participate in Japanese club football's second tier for the 2015 season.

Name and symbolism[edit]

The name "Zweigen" is a portmanteau of the German zwei, for the number 2, and gen, to advance. In Kanazawa dialect, the phrase tsuyoi noda! (Be Strong!) became tsuee gen! by double entendre. In German, the word Zweigen actually means branches (accusative—nominative: Zweige), and owing to this, a fleur-de-lis is a key part of the club's crest.

Current squad[edit]

As of 1 August 2014.

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Japan GK Naoki Harada
2 Japan DF Shinya Awatari
3 Japan DF Yuji Sakuda
4 Japan DF Tokio Hatamoto
5 Japan DF Kosuke Ota
6 Japan MF Shogo Omachi
7 Japan MF Shohei Kiyohara
8 Japan MF Kenta Yamafuji
9 Japan FW Masao Tsuji
10 Japan MF Kazuhiro Sato
11 Japan MF Junichi Tanaka
13 Japan FW Shoma Mizunaga (on loan from V-Varen)
14 Japan MF Kento Onodera
15 Japan DF Sunao Hozaki
No. Position Player
16 Japan DF Keisuke Minegishi
17 Japan MF Yasuhito Tomita
18 Japan MF Asuki Oishi
19 Japan MF Ryosuke Ochi
20 South Korea DF Choi Ji-Hoon
21 Japan GK Motofumi Ōhashi
22 Japan DF Masayuki Tokutake
23 Japan MF Shingo Honda
24 Japan MF Yuhei Otsuki
25 Japan FW Shoichiro Sakamoto
26 Japan MF Shogo Yoshikawa
27 Japan DF Haruki Yamauchi
31 Japan GK Yoshinobu Harada


Season Div. Tms. Pos. Attendance/G Emperor's Cup
2010 JFL 18 9 1,548
2011 JFL 18 7 2,504
2012 JFL 17 14 2,313
2013 JFL 18 7 2,063
2014 J3 12 1 3,440
  • Tms. = Number of teams
  • Pos. = Position in league
  • Attendance/G = Average league attendance


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