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Zwolle Half Marathon is an annual half marathon road running event held in Zwolle, Netherlands in June. The race was first held in 2001 and attracts both amateur and professional runners. Over 3000 people took part in the 2008 edition of the race.[1]

Jason Mbote of Kenya is a four time-winner of the race and his partner Flomena Chepchirchir has three victories on the women's side.[2]

The course records were both set by Kenyans in 2011: Wilson Kipsang won the men's race in 60:49 minutes while Chepchirchir won her third title in a women's best of 1:08:22 hours.[3]

Past winners[edit]

Key:       Course record

Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
1st 2001  Rodgers Rop (KEN) 1:02:33  Mary Ptikany (KEN) 1:12:33
2nd 2002  Daniel Rono (KEN) 1:02:55  Caroline Kwambai (KEN) 1:10:17
3rd 2003  Simon Kipyego Kiprop (KEN) 1:03:59  Emily Kimuria (KEN) 1:13:44
4th 2004  Peter Kiprotich (KEN) 1:02:31  Nadja Wijenberg (NED) 1:15:03
5th 2005  Jason Mbote (KEN) 1:03:31  Petra Kamínková (CZE) 1:13:46
6th 2006  Jason Mbote (KEN) 1:02:23  Beata Rakonczai (ZIM) 1:14:59
7th 2007  Jason Mbote (KEN) 1:02:52  Flomena Chepchirchir (KEN) 1:14:05
8th 2008  Ben Kimutai Kimwole (KEN) 1:01:50  Flomena Chepchirchir (KEN) 1:12:40
9th 2009  Jason Mbote (KEN) 1:02:03  Etalemahu Kidane (ETH) 1:12:37
10th 2010  Joseph Kiprono Kiptum (KEN) 1:01:53  Caroline Kilel (KEN) 1:10:05
11th 2011  Wilson Kipsang (KEN) 1:00:49  Flomena Chepchirchir (KEN) 1:08:22
12th 2012  Nguse Amlosom (ERI) 1:01:39  Helah Kiprop (KEN) 1:09:41
13th 2013  Edwin Kiptoo (KEN) 1:01:19  Agnes Mutune (KEN) 1:10:14
14th 2014  Jonathan Maiyo (KEN) 1:01:01  Helah Kiprop (KEN) 1:09:46


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List of winners
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