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Zytel is a trademark owned by DuPont and used for a number of different high strength, abrasion and impact resistant thermoplastic polyamide formulations of the family more commonly known as nylon, often with varying degrees of fiberglass, from 13% to 60%, added in for additional stiffness.[1] Some of the grades are homopolymer nylon66, other copolymers with nylon6 repeat units, and further grades involving rubber toughening are available. Many grades are based on polyphthalamide (PPA), another common polyamide.


The properties of Zytel will vary with the specific formulation. Formulation Zytel HTN 35% Glass Reinforced Resin, consisting of 35% glass fiber by weight, has a tensile strength of around 30kpsi and a flexural modulus of 1500kpsi under room temperature conditions. Zytel also offers good chemical resistance to common chemicals such as motor oil, transmission fluid, and methanol, and shows little thermal expansion.[2] Other additives or treatments may be used to increase toughness, wear resistance, and temperature tolerance.[3]



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