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This is a list of characters from the 1992-1993 Super Sentai television series Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger.


Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger

The Zyurangers (ジュウレンジャー Jūrenjā?) are five warriors from an ancient civilization of humans that evolved from dinosaurs and coexisted with them. The team was kept in suspended animation for over 170 million years by their mentor Barza until their nemesis Bandora was accidentally released from her prison. A sixth member later joins the team after being revived from suspended animation. The team uses the Dino Bucklers (ダイノバックラー Daino Bakkurā?) with their gold medallions to transform, transforming the medals into Dino Crystals (ダイノクリスタル Daino Kurisutaru?), which enable their Guardian Beasts (守護獣 Shugojū?, lit. Guardian Beast) to combine. While in their transformed state, each Ranger possesses enhanced strength, agility, and speed; and wields the Ranger Sticks (レンジャースティック Renjā Sutikku?) that can convert to the Ranger Sword (レンジャーソード Renjā Sōdo?) or Ranger Gun (レンジャーガン Renjā Gan?). The Ranger Sticks can also be used in the Babel Attack (バベルアタック Baberu Atakku?) by having the Zyurangers form a human tower, bringing the tips of each Ranger Stick toward the center and then shooting a combined, powerful shockwave. The Zyurangers can also use the Zaurer Machines (ザウラーマシン Zaurā Mashin?) motorcycles.

With the exception of Dragon Ranger, the Zyurangers use the Legendary Weapons (伝説の武器 Densetsu no Buki?) that they gained from venturing the Land of Despair and combine into the Howling Cannon (ハウリングキャノン Hauringu Kyanon?) that is often used to finish off human-sized Dora Monsters. The Zyurangers later obtain the Thunder Slingers (サンダースリンガー Sandā Suringā?), slinger-shaped blasters that can combine with the Ranger Guns to become Ranger Slingers (レンジャースリンガー Renjā Suringā?). When the Zyurangers shoot their Ranger Slingers simultaneously to the target, the combined attack is the Final Shot (ファイナルショット Fainaru Shotto?), which brings critical damage to enemies, even to giant-sized Dora Monsters.


Geki (ゲキ?) is the prince of the Yamato Tribe (ヤマト族 Yamato Zoku?) who is known as the "Warrior of Justice" (正義の戦士 Seigi no Senshi?) and fights as Tyranno Ranger (ティラノレンジャー Tirano Renjā?). The leader of the Zyurangers, Geki has a strong sense of justice. Though he was raised by the King and Queen of the Yamato Tribe, he was actually adopted by them after his birth father rebelled against the Yamato King and was forced to give Geki up for adoption as punishment for his insubordination. His birth father used this as an opportunity to challenge the King and reclaim Geki, only to be killed by the King. Geki learns the truth after meeting Burai, his older brother. Geki's Legendary Weapon is Ryugeki-Sword (龍撃剣 Ryūgekiken?, Dragon-Downing Sword), rides Road Zaurer 1 (ロードザウラー1 Rōdo Zaurā Wan?), and his Guardian Beast is Tyrannosaurus. Geki inherits Burai's powers after his death, allowing him to wear Burai's chest armor and wield his Zyusouken to summon Dragon Caesar.

During the events of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters: The Great Dinosaur Battle! Farewell Our Eternal Friends, placed under their spell, Geki is kidnapped by Neo-Grifforzar for his Dino Hope to be extracted for Voldos. Luckily, Geki is saved by the Kyoryugers as he and his team work with other Dinosaur Super Sentai teams to defeat their common enemy.

Geki is portrayed by Yūta Mochizuki (望月 祐多 Mochizuki Yūta?).


Goushi (ゴウシ Gōshi?) is a knight of the Sharma Tribe (シャーマ族 Shāma Zoku?) who is known as the "Warrior of Wisdom" (知恵の戦士 Chie no Senshi?) and fights as Mammoth Ranger (マンモスレンジャー Manmosu Renjā?). Age 27. Calm, cool, and collected, Goushi is the team's second-in-command and his wisdom allows him to come up with strategies to save his teammates whenever they're cornered. He lost his parents when he was young and was raised by his older sister, who lost her life while fighting Bandora's forces after Goushi reached adulthood. He uses grappling techniques during battles and his Legendary Weapon is the Moth Breaker (モスブレイカー Mosu Bureikā?) battle axe that can be converted into a laser rifle. His Guardian Beast is Zyu Mammoth and rides the Side Zaurer 2 (サイドザウラー2 Saido Zaurā Tsū?) which has a sidecar for Boi.

Goushi is portrayed by Seiju Umon (右門 青寿 Umon Seiju?), credited under his real name Aohisa Takayasu (高安 青寿 Takayasu Aohisa?).


Dan (ダン?) is a knight of the Etoffe Tribe (エトフ族 Etofu Zoku?) who is known as the "Warrior of Courage" (勇気の戦士 Yūki no Senshi?) and fights as Tricera Ranger (トリケラレンジャー Torikera Renjā?). He is a courageous warrior who is willing to stand up for himself against the enemy, although he has a tendency to rush into dangerous situations without thinking things through. He is a cheerful character who serves as the team's comic relief. His Legendary Weapon is the double bladed TriceLance (トリケランス Torikeransu?), which separates in half to form two spears which are shortened when used as part of the Howling Cannon, and his Guardian Beast is Triceratops. He also rides the Side Zaurer 3 (サイドザウラー3 Saido Zaurā Surī?) which has a sidecar for Mei.

Dan is portrayed by Hideki Fujiwara (藤原 秀樹 Fujiwara Hideki?).


Boi (ボーイ Bōi?) is a knight of the Dime Tribe (ダイム族 Daimu Zoku?) who is known as the "Warrior of Hope" (希望の戦士 Kibō no Senshi?) and fights as Tiger Ranger (タイガーレンジャー Taigā Renjā?). The youngest and most curious member of the team, Boi is the most energetic and has greater reflexes than the others. Due to his young age, Boi is often befriended by children. His Legendary Weapon is a pair of twin daggers known as the Saber Daggers (サーベルダガー Sāberu Dagā?) and his Guardian Beast is Saber Tiger.

Boi is portrayed by Takumi Hashimoto (橋本 巧 Hashimoto Takumi?).


Mei (メイ?) is the princess of the Lithia Tribe (リシヤ族 Rishiya Zoku?) who is known as the "Warrior of Love" (愛の戦士 Ai no Senshi?) and fights as Ptera Ranger (プテラレンジャー Putera Renjā?). Although a gentle and loving young woman, Mei is also a warrior who refuses to lose, no matter how dire the situation is. She's a skilled archer with the Ptera Arrow (プテラアロー Putera Arō?) and her Guardian Beast is the Pteranodon.

Mei's ancestor, Yui (ユイ?), sacrificed her life to stop the plant demon Guzzler, which Dora Guzzler was modeled after.

Mei is portrayed by Reiko Chiba (千葉 麗子 Chiba Reiko?).


Burai (ブライ?) is a knight of the Yamato Tribe who is known as the "Warrior of Power" (力の戦士 Chikara no Senshi?) and fights as Dragon Ranger (ドラゴンレンジャー Doragon Renjā?). He is Geki's biological older brother, whom he was separated from when Geki was still an infant after his birth father was forced to hand Geki over to the Yamato Tribe's King and Queen after rebelling against him. Burai's father then used this as an opportunity to challenge the King in order to reclaim Geki, only to be defeated. Before dying, he told Burai to avenge his death. Burai froze himself in a separate sleeping chamber from the others and is the last Ranger to be revived in the present day. Soon after awakening into the present day, Burai discovers that he is living on borrowed time and preserves his lifespan by staying inside a Timeless Room after the cave he originally froze himself in collapsed and was revived by Clotho. After fighting against the Zyurangers for a while with the Ultimate Dark Sword Hellfried as his weapon, Burai reconciles with Geki and joins the team. Burai eventually dies after helping the others and passes his powers onto Geki. As the Dragon Ranger, Burai wears a golden vest and his Shugozyu is Dragon Caesar, which he summons with the Zyusouken (獣奏剣 Jūsōken?, Beast Play Sword), a dagger that doubles as a flute and teleports its owner to the Lapseless Room.

Burai is portrayed by Shiro Izumi (和泉 史郎 Izumi Shirō?), who previously portrayed Yuma Ozora, Change Pegasus, in Dengeki Sentai Changeman. As a child, Burai is portrayed by Hisashi Sakai (酒井 寿 Sakai Hisashi?).



Mysterious Sage Barza (不思議仙人バーザ Fushigi Sennin Bāza?) is the immortal white wizard who serves as the Zyurangers' mentor. He watched over the Zyurangers during their long sleep while working as the landlord of the Sakura Condominium, where the underground temple of the Zyurangers is located.

Barza is portrayed by Jun Tatara (多々良 純 Tatara Jun?).


Gnome (妖精ノーム Yōsei Nōmu?) is the mean-spirited King of the Elves, and an old friend of Barza's. During the Dora Circe battle, Gnome saves the Zyurangers before making them accept his challenge of eating all the food on the table he conjured. Though Boi manages to finish the last ounce of food, it is his selfless motivation that convinces Gnome to give them the Moly. He is also the keeper of Burai's key, hoping that Burai would simply never be revived. When Ryuta takes the key, Gnome attempts to stop him even it means killing his grandson.

Apelo Tribe[edit]

The Apelo Tribe (アペロ族 Apero Zoku?) were the guardians of the orchards in the Kingdom of God until Dora Cockatrice tricked them into eating the holy fruit that they were forbidden to eat. Fallen from grace, the Apelo were exiled to Dalos Island and turned into monkeys. After Bandora's entrapment, the Apelo were entrusted with the last two Dinosaur Eggs to safeguard. When Bandora learns of this, she sends her forces to take the eggs from the Apelo as Euro makes his way to Japan to find the Zyurangers. Though they fail, Euro's new-found friend Emiko and the Zyurangers plead in the Apelos' defense and Daizyuzin lifts his curse, allowing the Apelo Tribe back to his domain.


Prince Euro (ユーロ王子 Yūro Ōji?) is determined to redeem his people, being the only one of them who knows the eggs' location. Arriving in Japan and befriending a girl named Emiko, they are attacked by Golems as the Zyurangers arrive to save them. However, through Dora Cockatrice's deceptions, Euro is forced to reveal the eggs' location. However, Emiko and the Zyurangers pleas convince Daizyuzin to bring the Apelo back to its domain. As thanks, Euro gives Emiko a beautiful white dress before departing with his tribe to join the Guardian Beasts in their domain.

Euro is portrayed by Kazunari Sasaki (佐々木 一成 Sasaki Kazunari?).

Clockle and Daisy[edit]

Prince Euro's two assistants, Baron Clockle (クロックル Kurokkuru?) is the inventive footman while his wife, Daisy (デイジー Deijī?), is the nanny. As well as the Volkswagen they used for travel, Clockle also made special glasses that allowed anyone who wore them to see a portal into Dora Cockatrice's dimension.

Clockle is portrayed by Takeshi Kuwabara (桑原 たけし Kuwabara Takeshi?) and Daisy is portrayed by Chigusa Takayama (高山 千草 Takayama Chigusa?).


Djinn (ジン Jin?) is a genie who has the power to grant wishes, ending up in the hands of four children. Bandora manages to steal the lamp, shattering it in the process. However, while the Zyurangers help Djinn and his master gather the lamp pieces, Bandora creates a personal lamp for him, which sucks Djinn in and turns him into the monster known as Dora Djinn (ドーラジン Dōra Jin?). After his original lamp is restored, Mei destroys Bandora's evil lamp, causing Djinn to return to normal. He is sealed away to prevent any further use for evil.

Djinn is voiced by Eisuke Yoda (依田 英助 Yoda Eisuke?).


Fairy DonDon (妖精ドンドン Yōsei Dondon?) is an elf who applies for a job to be Pleprechuan’s assistant, but is kicked out by Bandora. DonDon meets a kindred spirit in Toshio, a boy who gets frequently picked on by his overly-strict mother. They become friends and go around sucking things into DonDon’s magic bottles — including planes and buildings with people inside. After seeing DonDon trapping Boi and Dan in his bottle, Bandora decides to recruit DonDon, promising both him and Toshio the power to get back at all the people who push them around. However, the Zyurangers manage to convince Toshio and DonDon that there are people who care about them. After he and Toshio return everything to normal, DonDon goes on his way, but not before giving Toshio a black & gold toy replica of Daizyuzin.

DonDon is voiced by Osamu Kato (加藤 治 Katō Osamu?)


Ryota (良太 Ryōta?) is Gnome's grandson. 170 million years ago, Burai saved him from a rock that threatened to crush him. In the present day, while living among humans in secret, Ryota takes Gnome's key and unseals Burai against his grandfather's wishes, but feels betrayed after seeing how cruel Burai has become.

Ryota is portrayed by Hiroki Uemura (上村 裕樹 Uemura Hiroki?).

Dinosaur Eggs[edit]

After the war with Bandora ended, the heads of the five ancient tribes placed a pair of Dinosaur Eggs (恐竜の卵 Kyōryū no Tamago?) within a chest and sent it off to sea, hoping for a safer place and time for dinosaurs. The chest drifted over to Dalos Island, where the Apelo Tribe resided. The Shugozyus appeared to the Apelo and entrusted them to protect the eggs until the Zyurangers returned to this world. After several attempts by Bandora to use them for her evil deeds, the Zyurangers finally claim the eggs and send them to King Brachion to incubate the eggs inside its body. The book known as "Dino Revelation" mentions that the eggs are the last pair of dinosaurs on Earth and if they are destroyed, the dinosaurs will become extinct from this world. After Dora Talos' destruction, the eggs finally hatch into two Tyrannosaur hatchlings (one male and one female) and are now in the care of Satoshi and his friends.


Spirit of Life Clotho (命の精霊クロト Inochi no Seirei Kuroto?) is an entity who takes on the form of a childlike being and possesses the power of life itself. When the Zyurangers go into suspended animation, Burai follows them in his own chamber. However, an earthquake causes the cave where Burai was sleeping to collapse, crushing Burai to death. Daizyuzin asks Clotho to restore Burai's life, since he is the only person who can summon Dragon Caesar. Burai is restored to life, but only with a limited lifespan. Shortly after his revival and subsequent betrayal of Bandora, Clotho takes Burai to the Lapseless Room and gives him the Beast Play Sword. Clotho tells Burai that he has only has a limited lifespan and leaves him with a green candle that represents the time he has left. The Lapseless Room is a chamber where time stands still, and every time Burai goes out to aid his brother, the candle gradually melts away. After Bandora destroys the room, Goushi and Dan attempt to get the Water of Life from its guardian, who is actually Clotho in disguise. She reveals that even with the Water of Life, Burai's life cannot be saved, since he has already died once. Clotho convinces Dan and Goushi to fulfill Burai's last wishes by giving the water to the child in the hospital.

Clotho is portrayed by Mayumi Sakai (酒井 麻由美 Sakai Mayumi?).

Guardian Beasts[edit]

The Guardian Beasts (守護獣 Shugojū?) are the gods worshipped by the five ancient tribes that the Zyurangers come from. The Guardian Beasts originally existed in one form as Kyukyoku Daizyuzin before splitting into seven separate forms due to being weakened after banishing Dai Satan. The Guardian Beasts are summoned when the command "I summon the Guardian Beast (name of the Guardian Beast)!" (現れよ、守護獣(守護獣の名前)よ Araware yo Shugojū (Shugojū no Namae) yo?) is given. However, if the five core Shugozyu are commanded, the Rangers must say "Appear, Guardian Beasts! (現れよ、守護獣たちよ Araware yo Shugojū-tachi yo?)". When they first get in their cockpits, the Rangers give out the command "(Name) Ranger! Guardian Beast (name of the Guardian Beast)! Unite!" ((名前)レンジャー!守護獣(守護獣の名前)!合身! (Namae) Renjā! Shugojū (Shugojū no Namae)! Gasshin!?). When not in use, the Guardian Beasts can speak to the Zyurangers in their individual separate forms.

  • Guardian Beast Tyrannosaurus (守護獣ティラノザウルス Shugojū Tiranozaurusu?): piloted by Tyranno Ranger, Tyrannosaurus emerges from under the Earth when it is summoned. The biggest and strongest of the core Guardian Beasts, it can finish of giant Dora Monsters with its disintegrating Tyranno Sonic (ティラノソニック Tirano Sonikku?) shockwave. It is also able to stand on its tail to deliver jump kicks to its enemy. Tyrannosaurus is voiced by Eiji Maruyama (丸山 詠二 Maruyama Eiji?), who also provides the voices of Daizyuzin and Gouryuzin.
  • Guardian Beast Zyu Mammoth (守護獣ジューマンモス Shugojū Jū Manmosu?): piloted by Mammoth Ranger, Zyu Mammoth emerges from a glacial area when it is summoned. It can blow glacial gas called Moth Blizzard (モスブリザード 'Mosu Burizādo?) from the trunk to freeze enemies.
  • Guardian Beast Triceratops (守護獣トリケラトプス Shugojū Torikeratopusu?): piloted by Tricera Ranger, Triceratops emerges from a desert area when it is summoned. Its two horns can be shot to capture the enemies with chains. It is also equipped with two Tricera Cannon (トリケラカノン Torikera Kanon?) on the tip of its tail.
  • Guardian Beast Saber Tiger (守護獣サーベルタイガー Shugojū Sāberu Taigā?): piloted by Tiger Ranger, Saber Tiger emerges from a jungle area when it is summoned. Its running speed excels that of all the other Shugozyu.It also has two laser guns called the Saber Gun (サーベルガン Sāberu Gan?) on its tail. Saber Tiger is voiced by Masaki Terasoma (寺杣 昌紀 Terasoma Masaki?).
  • Guardian Beast Pteranodon (守護獣プテラノドン Shugojū Puteranodon?): piloted by Ptera Ranger, Pteranodon emerges from a volcano when it is summoned. It is the only Guardian Beast with flying ability and emits a pair of laser beams known as the Ptera Beam (プテラビーム Putera Bīmu?) from its wings.


Daizyuzin (大獣神 Daijūjin?, lit. Great Beast God) is the combined form of the five core Shugozyu. He is first formed as Beast Tank Dino Tanker (獣戦車ダイノタンカー Jūsensha Daino Tankā?) from the command "Unite, Dino Mission" (合体・ダイノミッション Gattai Daino Misshon?), and then into Daizyuzin from the command "Activate! Daizyuzin!" (発動! 大獣神 Hatsudō! Daijūjin?). Tyrannosaurus forms the head and body; Zyu Mammoth forms the arms, back, and shield; Triceratops forms the left leg; Saber Tiger forms the right leg; and Pteranodon forms Dino Tanker's topmost area & Daizyuzin's chest. As Dino Tanker, he attacks enemies with its two powerful cannons, the Beast Tank Cannons (獣戦車キャノン Jūsensha Kyanon?), or with laser blasts from the eyes of each Shugozyu called the Beast Tank Storm (獣戦車ストーム Jūsensha Sutōmu?). Daizyuzin wields Zyu Mammoth's head as a shield which can fire energy beams from its eyes and the Dinosaur Sword God Horn (恐竜剣ゴッドホーン Kyōryūken Goddo Hōn?), which he uses in its Super Legendary Lightning Cut (超伝説雷光斬り Chō Densetsu Raikō Giri?) attack. Daizyuzin can also fire energy beams from its eyes and forehead.

  • When combined with Dragon Caesar, Daizyuzin becomes Sovereign Fusion Zyutei Daizyuzin (獣帝合体獣帝大獣神 Jūtei Gattai Jūtei Daijūjin?, Beast Emperor Great Beast God). He attacks his enemies with an energy blast from the chest and shoulder armor called the Kaiser Burst (カイザーバースト Kaizā Bāsuto?). His final attack is the Empire Attack (エンパイアアタック Enpaia Atakku?), a massive energy ball with a "Z" on it.
  • When combined with Dragon Caesar and Brachion, Daizyuzin assumes his original form Ultimate Fusion Kyukyoku Daizyuzin (究極合体究極大獣神 Kyūkyoku Gattai Kyūkyoku Daijūjin?, Ultimate Great Beast God). Ultimate Daizyuzin's finishing move is the Grand Banisher (グランバニッシャー Guran Banisshā?), a massive energy barrage that can instantly destroy Dora Monsters.

Dragon Caesar[edit]

Guardian Beast Dragon Caesar (守護獣ドラゴンシーザー Shugojū Doragon Shīzā?): piloted by Dragon Ranger, it emerges from Tokyo Bay when it is summoned by Zyusouken's summoning melody. It has a drill on its tail and can launch a blast of missiles from its fingertips called the Dragon Harley which are powerful enough to destroy giant Dora Monsters. Dragon Caesar becomes depressed after Burai's death but soon realizes that the other Shugozyu still need its help and accepts Geki as its new master.

  • Combing with ZyuMammoth, Triceratops, and Saber Tiger in place of Tyrannosaurus and Pteranodon with the command "Unite, Dragon Mission" (合体・ドラゴンミッション Gattai Doragon Misshon?), Dragon Caesar becomes Gouryuzin (剛龍神 Gōryūjin?, Mighty Dragon God). Armed with the Dragon Antler (ドラゴンアントラー Doragon Antorā?) drill lance, Gouryuzin uses the weapon in his Concussive Dragonstrike (超爆裂龍神突き Chō Bakuretsu Ryūjin Zuki?) attack.

King Brachion[edit]

Beast Knight God King Brachion (獣騎神キングブラキオン Jūkishin Kingu Burakion?): the biggest of the seven Guardian Beasts and the only one without a pilot, it resembles a Brachiosaurus and emerges from out of a misty forest valley when it is summoned. When King Brachion first appears, he tests Geki and Burai if they are worthy of the Thunder Slingers under its guard. After that, he comes to the Zyurangers' aid whenever needed and helps form Ultimate Daizyuzin when the command "We summon the Beast Knight God King Brachion! (現れよ、獣騎神キングブラキオン! Araware yo Jūkishin Kingu Burakion!?)" is given by Tyranno Ranger. When the Dinosaur Eggs are recovered, they are given into King Brachion's care for 60 days.

Bandora Gang[edit]

The Bandora Gang (バンドーラ一味 Bandōra Ichimi?) are the nemeses of the Zyurangers. The members of the gang originated from Earth and emerged 170 million years ago during the same era the Zyurangers lived in. After being sealed away on the planet Nemesis, which orbits Earth once every 230 million years, the Bandora Gang were released in the present day by two careless astronauts. Bandora and her minions were located at the Bandora Palace (バンドーラパレス Bandōra Paresu?, written as "Bandra Palace" on the sign), similar to the Sagrada Família church, which was located on the Moon. Though their intent was making Earth a wasteland, they also caused mischief for the Zyurangers until they were sealed again in the finale.


Witch Bandora (魔女バンドーラ Majo Bandōra?) was originally the queen of the Dall Tribe. After her son Kai was killed when he was discovered breaking Tyrannosaurus eggs, Bandora sold her soul to Great Satan for the power to become a witch and vow revenge on the dinosaurs by killing children as part of her pact with Great Satan with the intention of wiping out the human race. Viewing herself as the greatest witch ever known, she has seemingly unlimited magical abilities, including enlarging her Dora Monsters. She has served as the nemesis of the Zyurangers. Occasionally, she has sung her theme song, "Dora! The Song of Witch Bandora". The song is sung after Burai first appears. She planned on making everyone dance to her song when she took over the Earth.

She gets extremely furious in a hilarious manner when defeated. She also experiences headaches at times, only to be comforted by her fellow warriors, usually Grifforzer. Moreover, she does eccentric things such as going on a crash diet and dismissing her followers when they fail. When she created Dora Franke from the Dokiita-Clay, she had her minions build the Satan Tower. After which, she performed the Strongest of Black Magic rituals, which is used in the summoning of Great Satan, and this nearly kills her.

She loses her powers after shedding a tear over Kai's death, as a witch loses her powers upon crying. Powerless, Bandora, along with her henchmen, is sealed away and exiled to space by Daizyuzin. She is overwhelmed by the cuteness of Lamie and Grifforzer's son and cradles him around, proving she has, in the end, regained a part of her former goodness.

Bandora's staff, the DoraSceptre, can do many magic tricks, including making the Dora Monsters grow. She often looks down at Earth through her DoraScope.

Bandora is portrayed by Machiko Soga (曽我 町子 Soga Machiko?).


Grifforzar (グリフォーザー Gurifōzā?) is a lion-faced, griffin-themed knight who wields the Grifocaliber IV sword and can fly with the help of his retractable wings. He is also Lamie's husband. Grifforzar was mute, until Lamie came along (he saved his voice for her to hear). Despite being mute, he was still capable of giving commands to his soldiers with his vicious personality. He had a frequent rivalry with Tyranno Ranger. He is violent and possesses amazing strength. He is a dangerous opponent as evident by being able to outlast and defeat Daizyuzin. Even alone, he proved to be more than a match for the Zyurangers in their early battles. He had a son with Lamie towards the end of the series, which Bandora adored. Unlike the others, he is much less vicious than his fellow lackies. Unlike most Sentai field commanders that died at the hands of the Red Ranger, he was just sealed off.

Grifforzar is initially voiced by Yoshimitsu Chida (千田義正 Chida Yoshimitsu?) and later by Kan Tokumaru (徳丸 完 Tokumaru Kan?).


Secret Scorpion Agent Lamie (秘密蠍官ラミイ Himitsu Sasorikan Ramī?, 19-50) is the human-looking servant of Bandora who was sent after the Dinosaur eggs before her mistress and her group were sealed. Unable to find the eggs, Lamie was forced to wait 170 million years for the return of her husband Grifforzar, whom she calls "Darling". She was reunited with him when she found the eggs. She wields the Lamie Boomerang, a crescent-shaped blade that can also be a sword.

When she is enlarged, she becomes the monstrous Lamie-Scorpion (ラミィスコーピオン Ramī Sukōpion?) with an electrocuting stinger on her ponytail. She is a dangerous opponent to the Zyurangers, and even more with Grifforzar's help as they held Daizyuzin at bay during the eclipse before an enlarged Dragon Ranger appeared to finish the giant off. When the Zyurangers were dealing with Dora Silkis, Lamie found a rival in Mei, in the art of disguises. She gave birth to a baby boy at the end of the series, who looks human like her. She is sealed away during the finale, alongside the other main villains.

Lamie is portrayed by Ami Kawai (河合 亜美 Kawai Ami?).


Topat (トットパット Tottopatto?) is a wingless vampire bat monster who has never tasted blood and is a scatterbrained alchemist. He often talks very fast when nervous, and is able to take human form. He is the companion of Bookback, whom he picks on for being slow. He is also much of a comedy relief. He attempted to taste the blood of a youth until a little girl named Michi intervened, with him vowing to get back at her for stepping on his foot while he hid away from her. He nearly tried to taste the girl's blood with Dora Argus' aid until Dan intervened. He also made a potion that makes people's personalities change (done with Dan and Mei), which could be cured by a rare herb called the Mandragora. His name is perhaps an ironic pun on "bat" and "tooth", as he is a somewhat harmless and funny vampire.

Topat is voiced by Kaoru Shinoda (篠田 薫 Shinoda Kaoru?).


Bookback (ブックバック Bukkubakku?) is a blue skinned troll who records all of Bandora's evil deeds. He is able to assume human form. He is extremely stupid, short-witted, and a cowardly cheat, who'd do anything to win. He has a large appetite and usually provides as a comic relief, alongside with Topat. He also annoys and/or angers Bandora quite frequently. He is armed with a pistol for battle, though it's useless in most situations.

Bookback is voiced by Takeshi Watabe (渡部 猛 Watabe Takeshi?).


Pleprechaun (プリプリカン Puripurikan?) is a leprechaun-like potter who forges the Dora Monsters and Golem Soldiers out of clay and is focused on his craft. He rarely shows up in battle and focuses more on enemy tactics. While working for Bandora, he is not really an evil character, but rather a somewhat unusual artist. He hates being rushed, claiming, "You can't rush perfection or it'll be ruined." He is extremely brilliant and somewhat all-knowing, though he isn't much of a comedy relief, compared to most of Bandora's Gang.

Puripurikan is voiced by Yutaka Ōyama (大山 豊 Ōyama Yutaka?).


The Golem Soldiers (ゴーレム兵 Gōremu Hei?) are warriors made out of clay. Their hands can change into varying shapes like boulder-fists & stone-blades. Their unorthodox tactics involve amassing in large numbers, dancing around enemies before going in for the attack, and are able to regenerate their bodies after being destroyed. Two rocky armored versions of the Golems usually lead the others. When the Dokeeta-Clay surfaces, the Dokeeta Golem Soldiers (ドキータゴーレム兵 Dokīta Gōremu?, 29-50) were made from it. The Dokeeta Golems are stronger versions of ordinary Golems, their regeneration abilities are advanced to the point that they each can split into two new Dokeeta Golems from the scattered remains. Also, unlike normal Golems who have black eyes, the new Dokeeta Golems have red eyes. And they can fire lasers from their fingers. Geki and Burai had to retrieve the Thunder Slingers to defeat them, evaporating them. They however continued to appear in the series afterwards. The group were later summoned by Zaigan during Super Sentai World.

Great Satan[edit]

Great Satan (大サタン Dai Satan?, 30-31, 47-50) is an evil god, the ultimate evil of the series, and depicted as a floating blue-skinned head. He was banished from this dimension by his nemesis, Kyukyoku Daizyuzin, in the past. He used Bandora to try to destroy Earth 170 million years ago and uses her again to finish the job. No one but Ultimate Daizyuzin can oppose his magic, and any mortal who tries would be consumed by him. Later, having enough of the Zyurangers' interference, Bandora risked her own life to summon Dai Satan with the help of the Satan Tower as her followers gather thirteen children as sacrificial payment in the Strongest of Black Magic ritual. Once he arrived, Great-Satan turns the Dora Monster Zombie Franke into Satan Franke with his power. Great-Satan is overpowered by Ultimate Daizyuzin, but he brings Bandora's son Kai back to life to cement the deal. Though he overpowers both Daizyuzin and Dragon Caesar, Dai Satan is finally destroyed along with Dora Talos by Ultimate Daizyuzin's Grand Banisher.

Great Satan is portrayed by Masahiko Urano (浦野 眞彦 Urano Masahiko?) and voiced by Seizō Katō (加藤 精三 Katō Seizō?).


Kai (カイ Kai?, 47-50) is Bandora's ruthless son, who dies when he is discovered breaking dinosaur eggs and falls off a cliff. He is resurrected by Dai Satan as the main pilot of Dora Talos. He would not let his mother hug him whenever she wanted to. When Dora Talos is eventually destroyed by Daizyuzin, a mortally wounded Kai dies in his mother's arms.

Kai is portrayed by Issei Takahashi (高橋 一生 Takahashi Issei?).

Dora Talos[edit]

Dora Talos (ドーラタロス Dōra Tarosu?, 47-50) is a giant white knight mecha piloted by Kai, Bandora's resurrected son. It has various weapons, including its Talo Missiles, Talo Beam (Taro Bīmu), Talo Punch, and could use Kai's telekinesis. Came when Kai gave out the command "Come forth, Dora Talos!" (Araware yo Dōra Tarosu!). Daizyuzin and Gouryuzin were of no match for this new menace. After being destroyed by Ultimate Daizyuzin, Bandora cast a spell that caused the ground to collapse from underneath King Brachion, causing him to sink into the ground, with the Dinosaur Eggs inside of him.

Once Dai Satan appeared on Earth, Bandora rebuilt Dora Talos with two extra horns on the sides of its head and extended blades from its arms which it used to severe Daizyuzin's left arm and half of Dragon Caesar's tail, leaving Bandora free to cast a spell that causes the two to disappear. The Zyurangers later learned from Burai's spirit that the Guardian Beasts are trapped in Bandora's Magic Realm. The Zyurangers escaped after smashing the globes containing their Guardian Beasts and attacked Dora Talos through several quickly-ascending stages: separate Guardian Beasts, Daizyuzin, Dragon Caesar, Gouryuzin and finally Ultimate Daizyuzin destroying both Great Satan and Dora Talos forever.

Dora Monsters[edit]

The Dora Monsters (ドーラモンスター Dōra Monsutā?) are made out of clay by Pleprechuan and "processed" by the Neodora Machine (ネンドーラマシン Neodōra Mashin?) oven into human size. Throwing her DoraSceptor to Earth, usually when her Dora Monster is defeated, Bandora conjures the spell "Evil spirits that sleep in the ground, give more power to Dora (name of Dora monster)!" to regenerate the defeated Dora monster into a giant.

  • Dora Titan (ドーラタイタン Dōra Taitan?, 1-2) is a giant knight with a sword. He takes away a shrunken space shuttle that has two children - Satoru Yoshimaru and Yumeko Ishida - trapped inside. He gave the Zyurangers a run for their money until Tyrannosaurus emerged. Killed by Tyrannosaurus after Dora Skeleton was killed.
  • Dora Skeleton (ドーラスケルトン Dōra Sukeruton?, 2) is a skeleton with a large hat, who could reassemble his body after being blown apart. The Rangers went after him when Dora Skeleton was sent to retrieve a shuttle. His flying, disembodied skull could teleport people to a shadowy world. He was the only Dora Monster with his own grunts. He was killed when Tiger Ranger threw his head down a lava pit causing his body to be destroyed. He is voiced by Yoshio Ochiai (河合 義雄 Ochiai Yoshio?).
  • Dora Minotaurus (ドーラミノタウロス Dōra Minotaurosu?, 3-4) was used in an attempt to keep the Zyurangers from gaining the Legendary Weapons, and from saving a boy named Hiroshi. Armed with a spiked club and shield, he could burrow underground. He could also shoot lightning from his horns and breathe a stream of fire. He received the full-brunt of the Howling Cannon which in turn killed him.
  • Dora Sphinx (ドーラスフィンクス Dōra Sufinkusu?, 5-6) wields a sceptre and shoots a laser from the cobra ornament on his headdress, which is the source of his power and his only weakness. Posing as a game show host in a tuxedo and pharaoh's head-dress, he offered children a chance to win a trip around the world in his "Ultra Riddle Contest" if they answer all five riddles. However most of the riddles are unanswerable and those who fail to answer correctly or run out of time infuriate Dora Sphinx, who blows them away with his wings, imprisoning them into trees that are soon to be cut down to make way for a golf course. After capturing Boi on Bandora's order, Dora Sphinx later captures Dan when he intentionally answered incorrectly to lead the others to the forest. There Dora Sphinx reveals his plan before taking the three Zyurangers to answer his questions. After getting Mei and Goushi, Dora Sphinx meets a worthy opponent in Geki. But after an argument over the answer to his hardest question, Dora Sphinx battles Tyranno Ranger until Bandora enlarges him and Tyrannosaurus gets Geki away to tell him to bring his team together to form Daizyuzin. Later, Sphinx resumes his attack on Tyranno Ranger with Grifforzar assisting him as Bandora enlarges the two to crush Geki. After finding the Dinocrystals, Tyranno Ranger frees the others as they arrive to his aid as they summon their Guardian Beasts and combine them into Dino-Tanker and turn it into Daizyuzin. Though he had the advantage, Dora Sphinx challenges Daizyuzin to taking his Ultra Riddle Contest, to keep them from saving the children as the lumberjacks arrive. However, playing on his pride, Geki unintentionally tricks Dora Sphinx into asking an own question with the answer being his weakspot, using that knowledge to use the Godhorn to deliver the fatal blow. He is voiced and portrayed by Isamu Ichikawa (市川 勇 Ichikawa Isamu?).
  • Dora Goblin (ドーラゴブリン Dōra Goburin?, 7) is a Dora Monster that dines on the souls of children. In battle, he uses a rake as his weapon and can fire powerful lightning from the horns on his helmet. Using his accordion, he enchants children to run off toward a bus stop where Bukbak and Totpat take their souls before dropping their souless bodies off to be found. Dora Goblin can become invisible to adult eyes, giving him an advantage over the Zyurangers when they end up at the monster's base Goblin Salon in spite of a boy named Toru attempting to help them. With some trickery on Geki's part, Dora Goblin is tricked into putting his shoes on the wrong feet, rendering him visible as the Zyurangers defeated him with the Howling Cannon. However, Goblin was revived/enlarged, using his accordion to confuse Daizyuzin with illusions until it was knocked away, putting a stop to the monster's music. He was then killed to release the souls he ate. He is voiced by Yoshio Ochiai.
  • Dora Circe (ドーラキルケ Dōra Kiruke?, 8), also known as the Eating Monster is a pig Dora Monster who lives only to eat, appearing two millennia ago to induce a famine-based civil war in Greece until defeated by Odysseus through the rare herb Moly. Circe was created when Bandora decided to take a crash diet and is annoyed at the enjoyment of the overweight Ariga family, having the monster eat their food for three days and breaking their family bonds as a result. Dora Circe immediately began to eat everything in sight, and was too fast to be seen by normal humans as he causes chaos across the city. When battling the Zyurangers, Dora Circe swallowed their weapons, but was knocked out by Gnome's golfing attacks before he could eat the Zyurangers. Gnome revealed that he possessed Moly and gave it to Boi after he beat him in an eating contest. Through deception (with the Zyurangers offering him a sandwich, a strawberry cake, a sushi, a steak and a hamburger), the gang managed to get Circe to eat the Moly (within the sandwich), which caused him to throw up everything he ate. Bandora was too-starved to grow her weakened monster, so he was killed by the Howling Cannon. He is voiced by Toku Nishio (西尾 徳 Nishio Toku?).
  • Dora Cockatrice (ドーラコカトリス Dōra Kokatorisu?, 9) is a flying chicken Dora Monster that has the power of creating illusions, armed with a pair of scissors which he used to cut open a door in time and space to teleport during a fight. In the past, Cockatrice played a part in the Apelo Tribe's fall from grace. In the present, Dora Cockatrice kidnaps Prince Euro and Emiko as Bandora attempts to force Euro to tell her where the eggs are, chasing after the two children. Provided with Clockle's special glasses, the Zyurangers find a portal leading to them to Euro as Cockatrice captures Emiko and forces the prince to reveal the location of the eggs. When Bandora has the Dora Monster send the girl falling to her death upon getting the info she needed, Daizyuzin grabs her before fighting the enlarged Dora Cocktrice as Euro and company try to beat Bandora to Dalos Island. Though killed by Daizyuzin, Bandora has him recreated as Dora Cockatrice II (ドーラコカトリス2号 Dōra Kokatorisu Nigō?, 10), armed with a pair of hedge trimmers and was able to fire crescent-shaped energy blades from the head-crest. Once again, this creature was killed by Daizyuzin. Dora Cocatrice is voiced by Eiji Maruyama and is portrayed by Hideaki Kusaka (日下 秀昭 Kusaka Hideaki?) in his human guise, while Dora Cocatrice II is voiced by Kazuhiko Kishino (岸野 一彦 Kishino Kazuhiko?).
  • Dora Argus (ドーラアルゴス Dōra Arugosu?, 12) is a mass of eyeballs who uses his heart, a giant eye, to send his victims into the Hallucination World, a place where their memories are used against them. He is sent to help Totpat in his revenge scheme on Michi by having her think that her own father is a vampire. The Zyurangers battle Dora Argus, who could reassemble himself if blown apart as long as his main eye was unharmed. As the others hold off Dora Argus, Tricera Ranger saves Michi before taking out the giant eye. Reasborbing his heart as he enlarges, Argus battles Daizyuzin, who uses the Godhorn to destroy the Dora Monster's main eye. He is voiced by Kan Tokumaru.
  • Dora Ladon (ドーララドゥーン Dōra Radūn?, 13) is a Dora Monster whose source of power was the golden-apple on his head, using it to power his snake-arrows which cause small youth-draining apple trees to sprout from children's heads that would eventually consumed them. The Dora Monster's only weakness is the Legendary Arrow, a weapon bestowed by the gods to the Risha Tribe. Knowing that Mei possessed the Legendary Arrow, Bandora had Totpat give her a poison apple, which put her to sleep when Dora Ladon makes his move. As Mei fights for her life, the other Zyurangers battle Dora Ladon as he opens his large mouth to spit out poisonous snakes that wrap around and weaken the male Zyurangers. Overcoming the poison in time, Mei arrives to her tean's aid and uses her Ptera Arrow to fire the Legendary Arrow to destroy the monster's apple and thus weakened him so he could be killing with the Howling Cannon. He is voiced by Yoshio Ochiai.
  • Dora Knight (ドーラナイト Dōra Naito?, 15) is an expert swordsman who used the Strongest Sword Durandal (最強の剣ヅランダル Saikyo no Ken Durandaru?) an evil sword which Bandora had a 10-year-old boy, Shigeru, make at midnight on a full moon. This made Dora Knight invincible as Durandal corrodes any other weapon it clashes with. Dora Knight battles Goushi after Bandora lures him into a trap. Having Bukbak and Totpat broadcast Goushi's fight to the other Zyurangers, they use the TV to travel to Goushi's location and help him. But are outmatched as Bandora enlarges Dora Knight who then overwhelms Daizyuzin. But when Shigeru attempted to stop Dora Knight, the monster could not harm him because the sword cannot harm its creator. Once Shigeru was in Daizyuzin, Dora Knight was powerless as Durandal is shattered, and he is smashed by Daizyuzin. He is voiced by Atsuo Mori (森 篤夫 Mori Atsuo?).
  • Dora Endos (ドーラエンドス Dōra Endosu?, 16) is a pineapple/octopus monster with the power to cause people to sneeze uncontrollably until they die of it. His own weakness is cold water which he fears. Posing as a clown, he created soccer balls that contained his sneezing powder, using a boy named Isamu to do the dirty work in targeting many of the soccer teams. Witnessing the first attack, Boi manages to find Isamu and chases after him until Endos infects Boi and attacks him in his true form before knocking into the river. While Boi is saved by Isamu, the other Zyurangers arrive with Grifforzer, Totpat and Bukbak fighting them until Dora Endos sends them off sneezing to personally kill the Zyurangers himself before Bandora enlarges him so he can infect the entire city. However, learning Dora Endos' weakness, Boi has the Zyu Mammoth freeze Dora Endos for Tyrannosaurus to finish the Dora Monster off with Tyranno Sonic. He is voiced by Kazuhiko Kishino and portrayed by Hiroya Kishibata (岸端 浩也 Kishibata Hiroya?).
  • Dora Pixie (ドーラピクシー Dōra Pikushī?, 23) is a unicorn-horned boy with fangs in a baseball uniform. Refers to himself as "Pitcher Pixie". He threw cupid-baseballs, which, when swallowed, made the victim become blindly in love with anything at first sight. Mei succeeded in breaking off his horn and not only canceled the spell, but also revealed Pixie's true "giant ogre" form. Using a pink mist, he made Mei and her little friends, Juro and Satoko, fall in love with him and call him master. First to be killed by Gouryuzin. He is voiced by Akiko Muta (むた あきこ Muta Akiko?) and portrayed by Kotaro Miura (三浦 幸太郎 Miura Kōtarō?)
  • Dora Tortoise (ドーラトトイス Dōra Totoisu?, 24) is a Dora Monster created by Totpatt & Bokbak. The monster's main attack is a traffic light sticking out of his neck. He could compel people to move (green) or freeze them in place (Red). He also had a number of weapons hidden in his shell provided by Bookback which included a cannon, a baseball bat, and a metal hook. The only thing that can weaken his powers is the pollen of the Yasudani flower, which can be found on Espol Mountain. Killed by the combined teamwork of Dragon Caesar and Tyrannosaurus. He is voiced by Osamu Kato.
  • Dora Tarantula (ドーラタランチュラ Dōra Taranchura?, 25) is a Dora Monster held within a replica of a fairy statue, the Fairy of the Forest, made by a late nature lover - Dr. Nakito Tsumura, who left behind his two children, Taisaki and Michu, when he died. Referred to himself as the Legendary Spider (伝説のクモ Densetsu no Kumo?). The strange butterflies that surrounded the statue sprinkled a poison called Nemrebo on children. Goushi realized something was wrong and exposed the monster when he realized he was right. Dora Tarantula spewed an acidic foam and thick webbing to shock his enemies. He could also shoot beams from his eyes and mandibles, and exploding stingers from his body. He was unaffected by the Zyu Mammoth's freezine technique. Killed by Gouryuzin. He is voiced by Eisuke Yoda.
  • Dora Boogaranan (ドーラブーガラナン Dōra Būgaranan?, 26) is a frog-like monster with an endless hunger who could swallow people, either from a beam projected from his horn or his long tongue after losing his horn. He could also create a force field around him to reflect energy. Boogaranan managed to eat all of the Rangers except for Mei, who used a trap to hit the monster's weakspot, its throat, to release the others from its belly. With that, Mei killed Boogaranan with the Ptera Arrow. He is voiced by Toku Nishio.
  • Dora Guzzler (ドーラガズラー Dōra Gazurā?, 27) is a crab/plant-like demon who ingests flowers, expelling them as vampiric leeches. Guzzler proved too powerful for even Gouryuzin to fight. Mei was able to defeat it by repeating the same step her ancestor, Yui, had done at the cost of her life. However, while she lay down with a legendary lily to lure the monster, Mei was armed and managed to use her arrow to mortally wound Guzzler to make it unable to suck anything inside of it. Guzzler attempted to eat Mei, only for the Pteranodon to blast the monster's right arm off and it to be taken down by the Howling Cannon. He is voiced by Gennosuke Yokoi (横井 弦之助 Yokoi Gen'nosuke?).

Dokeeta-Clay Dora Monsters[edit]

In response to the Zyurangers having Dragon Caesar and Gouryujin, Bandora's gang retrieves a batch of the new Dokeeta-Clay to create super-powered Golems as well as new and stronger Dora Monsters, which the Guardian Beasts say are powerful enough to fight the Gods.

  • Dora Franke (ドーラフランケ Dōra Furanke?, 28-29) is the first Dora Monster made from Dokeeta-Clay. He acts as an enforcer while Bandora's group mine for more of the clay, causing the cockroaches under the Lark Ramen restaurant to surface. He attempts to kill Dan when he and Shinji find out about the scheme. He overpowered Tricera Ranger and the other Zyurangers with his superior strength and neck bolt nunchakus. Bandora grows Dora Franke and the monster overpowers Daizyuzin before Bandora leaves with the Dokeeta-Clay, but Daizyuzin retreated and sent Geki and Burai to retrieve the Thunder Slingers. As the Zyurangers have their new weapons, Dora Franke is sent to Earth and grows again to fight Daizyuzin and Dragon Caesar. The Zyurangers then used the Ranger Slingers to critically damage the monster, and Gouryuzin fatally impaled him. However, the power of the Dokiita-Clay revives and transforms Dora Franke into Zombie Franke (ゾンビフランケ Zonbi Furanke?, 29-30). He later returns to stall the Zyurangers and Daizyuzin, so that Bandora has the chance to summon Great Satan. On Earth, Great Satan infused Zombie Franke with some of his power on Bandora's request, transforming the monster into the lethal Satan Franke (サタンフランケ Satan Furanke?, 30-31). He overpowered Daizyuzin and Dragon Caesar, by spraying white acidic foam that melted their bodies as they send the Zyurangers to the Lapseless Room. Satan Franke proceeds to infect everyone with a plague until the Zyurangers revive Daizyuzin and Dragon Caesar and combined them into Zyutei Daizyuzin to kill Satan Franke for good. He is voiced by Maroshi Tamura (田村 円 Tamura Maroshi?).
  • Dora Narcissus (ドーラナルシス Dōra Narushisu?, 32) is a humanoid, plant Dora Monster said to have life-giving powers. He absorbs humans through vines that protrude from behind and into his abdomen, and produces energy blasts from his eyes. He was used to make Geki hesitate to kill him due his hopes to keep Burai alive. Narcissus' weakness was in his own vanity, as he would stop to admire himself whenever he saw his reflection. He could also make himself grow without Bandora's magic. Daizyuzin took advantage of Narcissus' vanity in order to kill him. He is voiced by Masaki Terasoma (寺杣 昌紀 Terasoma Masaki?)
  • Dora Reiger (ドーラレイガー Dōra Reigā?, 33) is a Dora Monster who possessed a blue-jewel of great power on her crown, using it to send children to her dimensional realm where she turns them into a blue liquid. This liquid would then be used to create a massive storm that would wipe out the city. Both this jewel and a red-one were sister fairy-princesses (Sunlight Fairy Sunny's being red and Rain Fairy Rainy's being blue) whom Bandora turned into gems during the days of the dinosaurs. Only by the gems touching each other would the curse be lifted. Reiger was invincible until the owner of the red-jewel, Saori, slammed her jewel into the blue-jewel and broke the curse. Rendered powerless, Reiger was quickly killed by the Ranger Slingers. She is voiced by Rica Matsumoto (松本 梨香 Matsumoto Rika?)
  • Dora Ninja (ドーラニンジャ Dōra Ninja?, 35, 49-50) is a Dora Monster sent to capture the Elixir of Immortality, rumored to give extended life. He is armed with ninja-like weapons, including a kusarigama, a katana sword, and a cannon concealed in his left arm. He was killed by Daizyuzin (King Brachion helped out before Daizyuzin formed). He, along with Dora Fake, Dora Chimera and Dora Mirage were revived as ghosts in Bandora's Magic Realm, when the Zyurangers went to rescue their Guardian Beasts. He was killed along with Dora Chimera by Goushi when he threw his axe at them. He is voiced by Kazunori Arai (新井 一典 Arai Kazunori?)
  • Dora Gunrock (ドーラガンロック Dōra Ganrokku?, 36) is a stone Dora Monster that could shoot rocks out from his stomach, called "Gunrock Cannon". Whoever they hit, it weighed them down so much that they could not move. Killed by the Mirror of Ruin. He is voiced by Toku Nishio.
  • Dora Kinkaku (ドーラ金角 Dōra Kinkaku?, 37) is a samurai Dora Monster armed with a large fan that he could use to blow people away and a magic jar that could suck people inside and trap them. He also used a pole as a weapon, as well as a rake. Kinkaku could also use the spikes on the side of his headgear as exploding darts. He was the first Dora Monster to be killed by Ultimate Daizyuzin. He is voiced by Shōzō Iizuka (飯塚 昭三 Iizuka Shōzō?)
  • Dora Silkis (ドーラシルキス Dōra Shirukisu?, 38) is a silkworm-like creature and was the pet of Lamie's and fed on children's souls. It managed to trap the Rangers (minus Mei) in a cocoon. It would later assume its full size, when Mei interfered one too many times. It was then enlarged, and soon after it was killed by Zyutei Daizyuzin. He is voiced by Kazuhiko Kishino
  • Dora Fake (ドーラガンサク Dōra Gansaku?, 40-42, 49-50) is a cyclops Dora Monster that took on the forms of the Guardian Beasts. He could project energy beams from his eye. He first posed as Dragon Caesar, to lure Dragon Ranger out of hiding. Though he retreated, once the real Dragon Cesar appeared, Bandora succeeded in finding the location of the Lapseless Room and destroyed it. Dora Fake was later launched to attack as Gouryuzin. Burai called for Dragon Caesar, but despite defeating Dora Fake, as it posed as Daizyuzin, Gouryuzin again, and Tyrannosaurus, Dragon Caesar and Burai were on the verge of defeat. The other Zyurangers soon arrived and used the Ultimate Daizyuzin to finally kill it seconds before Burai's time ran out, and also saved the life of a boy named Kota. He, along with Dora Ninja, Dora Chimera and Dora Mirage were revivied as ghosts in Bandora's Magic Realm, when the Zyurangers went to rescue their Guardian Beasts. He died when he was thrown off the cliff along Dora Mirage by Goushi. He is voiced by Rintaro Torii (鳥居賞也 Torii Rintarō?).
  • Dora Antaeus (ドーラアンタイオス Dōra Antaiosu?, 43) is a giant bird/dinosaur monster that absorbs the power from an enemy's attack and converting it into energy for his own use, causing him to be revived into a stronger form every time it was destroyed. This monster came along during a time when both Geki and Dragon Caesar were still suffering over the loss of Burai. Knowing this, Bandora took advantage of this and cast a spell that bound Dragon Caesar's arms to his sides. It also caused Dragon Caesar to hardly move, let alone fight, and became weaker and weaker. Daizyuzin had a tough time handling Dora Antaeus, until Geki jumped inside and found the monster's heart. Geki summoned the Dragon Armor, revitalizing Dragon Caesar, causing him to overcome Bandora's magic, as he realized the others needed his help. Dragon Caesar used his tail to cut a hole in Dora Antaeus, enabling Geki to escape with the monster's heart flying out too. After Geki obliterated the heart, he and the others formed Ultimate Daizyuzin to finally finish off Dora Antaeus for good. He is voiced by Kan Tokumaru.
  • Dora Chimera (ドーラキマイラ Dōra Kimaira?, 44, 49-50) is a 2-headed Dora Monster who could absorb people, to use their talents as his own, with the goat head on his stomach creating tornadoes to trap his victims and their special weapons. Among those he absorbed were a pop singer (Kaori Hayasaka), a baseball player (Nishizawa), a soccer player (Sugimoto), an archer (Yabuki), and a hockey player. Used in a plot to capture the children's favorite idols. Chimera could shoot beams from the eyes of his lion head, and his goat head could also create gusts of snow. Chimera targeted a kendo woman, whom Goushi befriended, named Sayaka Yamazaki. Bandora decided to have Chimera possess Sayaka, managing to wound Goushi before Sayaka forced him out of her body. When he was challenged by the other four, Chimera easily overpowered them, beating them soundly before enveloping them in an energy cyclone, with the intent of adding to his collection. Goushi arrived and assaulted Dora Chimera with extreme prejudice, freeing everyone he consumed. Chimera was enlarged and then killed by Daizyuzin. He, along with Dora Ninja, Dora Fake and Dora Mirage were revived as ghosts in Bandora's Magic Realm when the Zyurangers went to rescue their Guardian Beasts. He was killed along with Dora Ninja by Goushi's when he threw his axe at them. He is voiced by Yoshio Ochiai.
  • Dora Unicorn (ドーラユニコーン Dōra Yunikōn?, 45) is a winged Dora Monster, who took advantage of an environmentalist boy named Kouichi, so that any attack inflicted on him was felt by Kouichi, via the monster's horn. Kouichi managed to undo the synchronization, with the memories of his father, as Geki succeeded in destroying the horn, putting the monster at a disadvantage. He could also flap his wings and create powerful gusts of air, which he tried to use to blow the Zyurangers and Daizyuzin away. It was killed by Daizyuzin while riding King Brachion, then leaping into the air to finish it off with the Godhorn. He is voiced by Atsuo Mori.
  • Dora Mirage (ドーラミラージュ Dōra Mirāshu?, 46, 49-50) is a mirror-covered monster, who posed as Tyranno Ranger, and disguised four Golems as the Fake Zyuranger (偽ジュウレンジャー Nise Jūrenjā?, 46), doppelgängers of the original Zyurangers, in a plan to frame them. Once exposed, he fought the Zyurangers personally, until he was killed by the Howling Cannon. He, along with Dora Ninja, Dora Fake, and Dora Chimera were revived as ghosts in Bandora's Magic Realm when the Zyurangers went to rescue their Guardian Beasts. He died being thrown to the cliff along with Dora Fake by Goushi. He is portrayed by Rumi Watanabe (渡辺 るみ Watanabe Rumi?) in his human guise.


  • Bomono Tribe: The Bomono are a tribe of children who live on Dalos Island and like to cause trouble.
  • Black Knight (18 (flashback)): He is Burai and Geki's biological father. A warrior who rebelled against the Yamato King, he was forced to give Geki up for adoption as punishment for his insubordination against the King. The Black Knight used this as an opportunity to challenge the King in order to reclaim Geki, only to be defeated. Before dying, he told Burai to avenge his death.
  • Monster Goda (モンスター・ゴダ Monsutā Goda?): Goda is an underground monster who was powerful, but had a gentle heart, having saved a boy named Ippei Hirata. Goda rarely laid eggs, so she was extremely protective of her line, to the point of attacking any potential threat. She lost her temper when two of her three eggs were devoured by Bandora's Gang, who blamed the Zyurangers. The Zyurangers tried to help Goda by telling her that they had nothing to do with the eggs, but Goda was too enraged and distraught to listen. After Goda ran off, Bandora toyed with Goda's emotions by saying she would restore her eggs if she destroyed the Zyurangers for her. She agreed, selling her soul to Bandora and being filled with a hatred of humans as she enlarged. Despite their pleas, Goda was too hate-filled and had to be killed by Gouryuzin. But the last egg would hatch eventually, with a new Goda to be born.

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