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Bill Denny

Bill Denny (6 December 1872 – 2 May 1946) was a South Australian journalist, lawyer, Labor politician and decorated soldier who held a seat in the South Australian House of Assembly for 32 years. He was elected in 1900, re-elected in 1902, defeated in 1905, re-elected in 1906 and then retained his seat until defeated in 1933. Denny was the Attorney-General of South Australia in the Labor government of 1910–1912 led by John Verran. In August 1915, Denny enlisted in the First Australian Imperial Force to serve in World War I, initially as a trooper in the 9th Light Horse Regiment. After being commissioned in 1916, he served in the artillery on the Western Front. He was awarded the Military Cross for his actions when he was wounded while leading a convoy into forward areas near Ypres in September 1917. He was again Attorney-General in the governments led by John Gunn, Lionel Hill and Robert Richards. When Denny died in 1946 aged 73, he was accorded a state funeral. (Full article...)

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Zenith SupersPort laptop, 8088 model
Zenith SupersPort laptop, 8088 model

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Jiang Zemin in 2002
Jiang Zemin

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December 6: Saint Nicholas Day (Western Christianity); Independence Day in Finland (1917)

Aerial view of Camp X
Aerial view of Camp X
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Marabou stork

The marabou stork (Leptoptilos crumenifer) is a large species of wading bird in the stork family, Ciconiidae. Breeding in sub-Saharan Africa, it eats mainly carrion, scraps and faeces, but will opportunistically eat almost any animal matter it can swallow. It occasionally eats other birds including Quelea nestlings, pigeons and doves, pelican and cormorant chicks, and even flamingos. During the breeding season, adults scale back on carrion and take mostly small, live prey since nestlings need this kind of food to survive. Common prey at this time may consist of fish, frogs, insects, eggs, small mammals and reptiles such as crocodile hatchlings and eggs. Though known to eat putrid and seemingly inedible foods, these storks may sometimes wash food in water to remove soil. Increasingly, marabous have become dependent on human garbage and hundreds of the birds can be found around African dumps or waiting for a handout in urban areas. Those eating garbage have been seen to devour virtually anything that they can swallow, including shoes and pieces of metal, and those conditioned to eating from human sources have been known to lash out when refused food. This marabou stork was photographed in Queen Elizabeth National Park in southwestern Uganda.

Photograph credit: Charles J. Sharp

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