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Zarema Sadulayeva (Russian: Зарема Садулаева) (1974 – 10 August 2009) was a Russian children's activist and head of the aid organization Let's Save the Generation, based in Chechnya.[1] She and her husband, Alik Djabrailov (11 August 1976 – 10 August 2009),[2] were found murdered in August 2009.[1]


She was head of the Let's Save the Generation charity of Chechnya.[1] Her charity works with Unicef to aid Chechen children affected by the violence which has swept the Caucasus region since the 1990s.[1] The charity provides psychological counseling and physical aid to orphans, disabled children and others affected by the wars against Chechen separatists.[3]

Sadulayeva and Djabrailov, who was also active in the charity, married in 2009.[1] Neither were described as politically active.[4]

Kidnapping, death, and aftermath[edit]

Sadulayeva and Djabrailov were kidnapped at the aid organization's office by gunmen wearing camouflage uniforms on 9 August 2009.[1][3] They were both found shot to death in the trunk of Djabrailov's car on 10 August 2009, in Chernorechye, a suburb of Grozny.[1]

Zarema Sadulayeva's death follows the similar kidnapping and murder of human rights activist Natalia Estemirova in Chechnya in July 2009.[1]

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