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NBC Tower, Chicago
NBC Tower, Chicago

WSNS-TV (channel 44) is a television station in Chicago broadcasting the Spanish-language Telemundo network. It is owned and operated by the network and shares its studios in the NBC Tower (pictured), and its transmitter on the Willis Tower, with WMAQ-TV. WSNS-TV was built as an English-language independent station by the local Essaness Theatres Corporation in 1970; it broadcast local sports, most notably the Chicago White Sox, among other local programs. In 1980, the station began broadcasting ON TV, a pay subscription television service with 120,000 local subscribers at its height in 1982; the station nearly had its broadcast license revoked by the Federal Communications Commission for its lack of local programming during this time. After ON TV folded in 1985, channel 44 became a full-time Spanish-language television station, including local newscasts. Telemundo bought WSNS in 1996; NBC bought Telemundo in 2002, leading to the merger of WMAQ-TV and WSNS-TV. (Full article...)

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Emeliana Aiza
Emeliana Aiza
  • ... that while serving in the Bolivian parliament, legislator Emeliana Aiza (pictured) took night courses to receive her high school baccalaureate?
  • ... that as well as books, Hove's first public library featured a disembowelling knife and a Japanese executioner's sword?
  • ... that Arthur Yorinks's children's book Louis the Fish was inspired by Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis?
  • ... that in Utoro, Uji, in Japan, former forced Korean laborers dodged eviction from 1945 to 2010, when they were finally able to afford buying the land in the district?
  • ... that Danish-Portuguese publisher Snu Abecassis was the first to publish both Pippi Longstocking and Solzhenitsyn in Portugal?
  • ... that 28 Greenpeace activists partially cut down a field of genetically modified maize in a 1999 direct action in Lyng, Norfolk, but were acquitted of all charges?
  • ... that in 2023, Daniel Whelan became the first Irish-born NFL player since 1985?
  • ... that the Ni'isjoohl totem pole was once fed a diet of vacuum-packed food?

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Seal of Otto IV
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Stargazer is a Lockheed L-1011 TriStar built in 1974 that was modified in 1994 for use by Orbital Sciences (now part of Northrop Grumman) as a mother-ship launch pad for the Pegasus launch vehicle. As of October 2022, 45 rockets (containing nearly 100 satellites) have been launched from it, using the Pegasus-H and Pegasus-XL configurations. As of 2023, Stargazer is the only L-1011 airframe still airworthy. This photograph shows the aircraft in Orbital ATK livery with the Pegasus-XL rocket with eight Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System spacecraft inside.

Photograph credit: Lori Losey

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