Only Human (2004 film)

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Only Human (Seres queridos)
Directed by Dominic Harari
Teresa Pelegri
Written by Dominic Harari
Teresa Pelegri
Starring Guillermo Toledo
Marián Aguilera
Norma Aleandro
Distributed by Canal+ Spain
Release date
  • 9 July 2004 (2004-07-09) (Spain)
  • 26 May 2005 (2005-05-26) (Argentina)
Running time
93 minutes
Country Spain
United Kingdom
Language Spanish

Only Human (Spanish: Seres queridos) is a 2004 Spanish-Argentine film directed by Dominic Harari and Teresa Pelegri.


A mismatched couple discovers that whatever can go wrong will go wrong during a family visit in this comedy.

Leni (Marian Aguilera) is a television reporter from a Jewish family in Spain. One weekend, Leni drops by her family's home for a visit, with her new boyfriend, college professor Rafi (Guillermo Toledo), in tow.

Rafi is more than a bit nervous about meeting Leni's family - chronically nervous mother Gloria (Norma Aleandro), blustery father Ernesto (Mario Martin), dance-student sister Tania (María Botto), strait-laced brother David (Fernando Ramallo), and addled grandfather Dudu (Max Berliner). But Leni quickly makes matters worse when she announces to her family, who are waiting for Ernesto to return from work, that Rafi just happens to be Palestinian. Matters become a bit tense after that as Rafi accidentally drops a block of frozen soup out the high rise window while joking with Tania's young daughter - hitting a man on the head who might just be Ernesto. He and Leni sneak outside to call an ambulance before returning inside because Leni doesn't want to ruin her career with such a scandal. But when Rafi sees Tania's daughter's drawing of Ernesto he realizes what he may have done. As tensions raise, the entire family becomes more and more exuberant, ending with Leni telling her mother of Tania's suspicion that Ernesto is cheating on her. At this point Rafi finally manages to tell Leni he think the man was her father so that Gloria, Tania, Rafi and Leni all rush out of the building to Ernesto's office to try and catch him in the act (Rafi all the while hoping he's wrong). We see that Ernesto was not actually dead and he wakes up with some memory loss, leading him to believe that a prostitute is his wife who quickly throws him out when she realizes he has no money. Ernesto continues to wander hopelessly. The family meanwhile arrives at his office only to find another bald man having an affair who tells them Ernesto already left. As Tania and Rafi wait for Leni and Gloria who are having a mother-daughter conversation, Tania seduces Rafi with a dance to a song he knows. She kisses him but he rejects her. When they return, Leni is convinced that Tania slept with him which leads Tania to finally cast off her apparent apathetic view of the family. Everyone leaves the office reconciled and upon their return home, Ernesto is driven up by a woman on a scooter who found him wandering the streets and the family is whole again.



The film was awarded at film festivals:

in 2005:

in 2005:


  • Goya Awards: Goya, Best Make-Up and Hairstyles (Mejor Maquillaje y/o Peluquería); 2005.

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