The Zero Boys

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The Zero Boys
The Zero Boys FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Nico Mastorakis
Produced by Nico Mastorakis
Written by Nico Mastorakis
Starring Daniel Hirsch
Kelli Maroney
Nicole Rio
Tom Shell
Music by Hans Zimmer
Release date
  • 1986 (1986)
Running time
89 min.
Country United States
Language English

The Zero Boys is a low-budget 1986 action-horror B-movie, written and directed by Nico Mastorakis.


Steve (Daniel Hirsch), Larry (Tom Shell), and Rip (Jared Moses) are part of a paintball team known as "The Zero Boys". After winning a paintball tournament, they decide to celebrate. When the trio and their girlfriends take a leisure trip into the mountains, they stumble upon the most gruesome massacre in history. Blood-chilling screams lead the group to a deserted cabin, where they gradually discover the horrors of the killings and the evil causing it. Now the Zero Boys, armed with real weapons of their own, must do what comes best - destroy the enemy.


The film was released on DVD by Simitar Video in 2000.[1] It was subsequently re-released by Image Entertainment in 2003 [2] and by Arrow Films on Blu-ray/DVD on April 26, 2016.[3]


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