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The Icelandic Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture (Icelandic: Sjávarútvegs- og Landbúnaðarráðuneytið) is a cabinet-level ministry. It is an important economic ministry, with fisheries products making up about 40% of Iceland's exports.


On 13 June 2007 the parliament of Iceland passed law changes to merge the Ministry of Fisheries and the Ministry of Agriculture, which took effect on 1 January 2008.[1] In 2011 Steingrímur J. Sigfússon took on the roles of Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture and Minister of Economic Affairs. In 2012 the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture, the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs merged to form the Ministry of Industries and Innovation (Atvinnuvega- og nýsköpunarráðuneytið), led by Steingrímur. In 2014 Fisheries and Agriculture reverted to being a separate ministry.

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