Gamli Garður

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Gamli Garður

Gamli Garður (lit. Old Dormitory) is a dormitory at Iceland's most prominent and internationally renowned university, Háskóli Íslands (University of Iceland), first opened in 1934. It is Iceland's oldest residence hall and the oldest building still standing on campus.[1] International scholarship recipients reside at the dormitory for the duration of their stay. The dormitory was originally employed to house Icelandic students exclusively and currently serves as a hotel during the summer. The building was last renovated in fall 1995. It contains 43 single rooms (12 m²). The kitchens have been more recently renovated, in 2005–06.


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Coordinates: 64°08′29″N 21°56′47″W / 64.141310°N 21.946504°W / 64.141310; -21.946504