Sør-Trøndelag District Court

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Sør-Trøndelag District Court
Sør-Trøndelag tingrett
Trondheim Tinghus.jpg
Trondheim Courthouse
Coordinates63°25′46″N 10°23′41″E / 63.4295°N 10.3948°E / 63.4295; 10.3948Coordinates: 63°25′46″N 10°23′41″E / 63.4295°N 10.3948°E / 63.4295; 10.3948
Appeals toFrostating Court of Appeal
Number of positions48
CurrentlyLeif Otto Østerbø

Sør-Trøndelag District Court (Norwegian: Sør-Trøndelag tingrett) is the district court serving the southern part of Trøndelag county. It includes the 17 municipalities of Trondheim, Malvik, Klæbu, Selbu, Tydal, Røros, Holtålen, Midtre Gauldal, Oppdal, Rennebu, Melhus, Meldal, Skaun, Orkdal, Agdenes, Snillfjord, and Hemne. The court is based in the city of Trondheim at the Trondheim courthouse. Appeals from this court go to the Frostating Court of Appeal.[1]

The chief judge (Norwegian: sorenskriver) is Leif Otto Østerbø. The judicial duties of this court are mainly to settle criminal cases and to resolve civil litigation. The administration and registration tasks also include death registration, issuing certain certificates, performing duties of a notary public, and officiating civil wedding ceremonies.


This court was created in 2003 upon the merger of the three smaller district courts: Gauldal District Court, Orkdal District Court, and Midt-Trøndelag District Court. Then, on 1 January 2010, the Trondheim District Court, which served just the city of Trondheim, was merged into the district as well.[1][2]


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