Statue of Abraham Lincoln (Lincoln, Nebraska)

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Abraham Lincoln
Nebraska State Capitol W entrance Lincoln 2.JPG
ArtistDaniel Chester French
Year1912 (1912)
TypeBronze sculpture
LocationLincoln, Nebraska, U.S.
Coordinates40°48′29″N 96°42′03″W / 40.80806°N 96.70088°W / 40.80806; -96.70088Coordinates: 40°48′29″N 96°42′03″W / 40.80806°N 96.70088°W / 40.80806; -96.70088
OwnerState of Nebraska

Abraham Lincoln – also known as The Gettysburg Lincoln – is a bronze statue of President Abraham Lincoln by Daniel Chester French, located on the grounds of the Nebraska State Capitol. The monument was commissioned by the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Association of Lincoln, Nebraska, and produced between 1909 and its unveiling in 1912.

The statue was cast in bronze by Jno. Williams, Inc. of New York.[1] Its architectural setting was created by French's longtime collaborator Henry Bacon. The 8.67 ft (2.64 m) statue stands upon a 6 ft (1.83 m) granite base and before a 20 ft (6.1 m) granite stele, on which is inscribed the text of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

French later used much of his research for this statue – consisting largely of studying Mathew Brady's photographs of Lincoln and obtaining a copy of Leonard Volk's plaster life cast of the president[2] – in the creation of his most famous work: the Lincoln statue (1920) at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.


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