Perils of the Sentimental Swordsman

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Perils of the Sentimental Swordsman
Perils of the Sentimental Swordsman.jpg
DVD cover art
Traditional 楚留香之幽靈山莊
Simplified 楚留香之幽灵山庄
Mandarin Chǔ Líuxiāng Zhī Yōulíng Shānzhuāng
Cantonese Co2 Lau4 Heong1 Zi1 Jau1 Ling4 Saan1 Zong1
Directed by Chor Yuen
Produced by Mona Fong
Written by Chor Yuen
Gu Long
Starring Ti Lung
Music by Stephen Shing
So Jan-hau
Cinematography Wong Chit
Edited by Ma Chung-yiu
Yu Kwok-fung
Distributed by Shaw Brothers Studio
Release date
  • 13 May 1982 (1982-05-13)
Running time
87 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Mandarin
Box office HK$1,331,496.00[1]

Perils of the Sentimental Swordsman is a 1982 Hong Kong wuxia film directed by Chor Yuen, produced by the Shaw Brothers Studio and starring Ti Lung. It was adapted from Youling Shanzhuang of Gu Long's Lu Xiaofeng novel series. In the film, the original protagonist, Lu Xiaofeng, was replaced by Chu Liuxiang, the lead character of another novel series by Gu Long. It was preceded by Clans of Intrigue (1977) and Legend of the Bat (1978).


Chu Liuxiang attempts to assassinate the Eight Prince but fails and is pursued by the prince's men. He has no choice but to seek refuge in the sinister Phantoms' Mountain Manor, which houses criminals and people who have committed wicked deeds. In fact, Chu and the prince had staged the assassination attempt to fool the evil residents of the manor, so that Chu can infiltrate the manor and eliminate them.



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