Jessica (film)

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Jessica (film) posyrtrt.jpg
Directed by Jean Negulesco
Written by Ennio De Concini
Edith Sommers
Story by Flora Sundström
Starring Maurice Chevalier
Angie Dickinson
Music by Mario Nascimbene
Cinematography Piero Portalupi
Release date
May 1962
Running time
112 min.
Country United States
Language English

Jessica is a 1962 film directed by Jean Negulesco. It stars Maurice Chevalier and Angie Dickinson.[1] Cinematography by Piero Portalupi and art direction by Giulio Bongini.


When her husband dies in Sicily while on their honeymoon, Jessica, a nurse, decides to remain there rather than return home. She decides to become a midwife in the village of Forza d'Agro.

Men of the town pay quite a bit of attention to the attractive Jessica, causing women to resent her presence. The wives conspire to abstain from relations with their husbands, reasoning if no babies are born, no midwife is needed. A parish priest, Father Antonio, disapproves of their scheme.

Jessica develops a romantic interest in Edmondo Raumo, a marchese who has been a recluse since being injured during the war. Raumo elects to lie about his true identity, telling Jessica he is a humble fisherman.

She becomes angry when the truth is finally known and intends to leave Sicily forever. A villager who has been kind to her, however, is dying, and the situation brings her closer to Raumo in the end.



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