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Kreuzfahrt Norwegen 1324.jpg

Verftsbrua (Norwegian for "Yard Bridge"), also popularly called Blomsterbrua ("Flower Bridge") is a bridge at the bay of Trondheim. The bridge, built in 2003, spans 125 metres. The name Verftsbrua comes from the nearby shipyard, Trondhjems mekaniske Værksted, while the name Blomsterbrua is due to the bridge being covered with many different kinds of coloured flowers.

It is mainly used for walking and biking, with over 5000 people using it every day. It was built so people could reach the centre of the city without taking a long detour. Boats up to a height of 6.0 metres can pass the bridge, with a channel width of 4.5 metres. The bridge can be opened, as it is a retractable bridge, to allow taller boats to pass it.

Coordinates: 63°26′07″N 10°24′27″E / 63.43528°N 10.40750°E / 63.43528; 10.40750