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Promotion poster for Quick
Revised Romanization Qwik
McCune–Reischauer K'wik
Directed by Jo Beom-goo
Produced by Lee Sang-yong
Yoon Je-kyoon[1]
Gil Young-min
Lee Han-seung
Written by Park Su-jin
Starring Lee Min-ki
Kang Ye-won
Kim In-kwon
Music by Dalpalan
Cinematography Kim Young-ho
Edited by Shin Min-kyung
JK Film
Distributed by CJ Entertainment
Release date
  • July 20, 2011 (2011-07-20) (South Korea)
  • July 29, 2011 (2011-07-29) (Baltimore[2])
Running time
115 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Box office US$21.5 million[3]

Quick (Hangul; RRQwik) is a 2011 South Korean contemporary action comedy film.[4]


Seoul, 2004. A group of bikers are joy-riding through the streets and while their leader the teenage Han Ki-su (Lee Min-ki) is tearfully berated by girlfriend Chun-shim (Kang Ye-won) for scorning her. The biker Kim Myung-shik (Kim In-kwon) is attracted to Chun-shim watches dolefully. Following some heavy traffic, Ki-su executes a perfect bike jump over it.

Six years later Ki-su is working as a bike messenger. After delivering a package to an office, the building blows up just after he leaves. Ki-su doesn't think his package was connected to the blast. Ki-su is later asked to drive Ah-rom, the lead vocalist of girl group OK Girls, to a televised stadium concert that she is late for. To his surprise, he finds that she is actually Chun-shim who is still angry at how she was treated years earlier. He offers her his helmet, unaware that it's been switched for an identical one rigged with an explosive. Ki-su receives a phone call and is told to deliver three packages already stowed in his bike, with a 30-minute delivery time for each package. If they exceed the time limit or if Chun-shim tries to take off the helmet then it will explode. Meanwhile, the police, led by Detective Seo (Ko Chang-seok) and NPCC team leader Kim (Ju Jin-mo) examine the CCTV tape in the building that exploded and believe that Ki-su is potentially the bomber. Ki-su delivers Chun-shim to the concert just in time where she performs in the helmet. The two of them start to make the deliveries, while being hunted by the police and trying to figure out who is responsible for the bombings while driving between Seoul and Incheon.



The film ranked third and grossed over ₩4 billion in its first week of release.[5] It grossed a total of over ₩22 billion after seven weeks of screening.[6]

Film Business Asia gave the film a seven out of ten rating, comparing it to the action comedy films produced by Luc Besson, opining that it was an "action movie that's fast, furious and (thankfully) funny".[7]


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