Cold Comes the Night

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Cold Comes the Night
Cold Comes the Night poster.jpg
Directed by Tze Chun
Produced by
Written by
Music by Jeff Grace
Cinematography Noah Rosenthal
Edited by Paul Frank
Distributed by Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions
Release date
  • September 20, 2013 (2013-09-20) (United Kingdom)
  • January 10, 2014 (2014-01-10) (United States)
Running time
90 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Cold Comes the Night is a 2013 American crime thriller film directed by Tze Chun, who co-wrote the script with Oz Perkins and Nick Simon. It was released on September 20, 2013, in the UK and on January 10, 2014 in the United States. The film stars Alice Eve, Bryan Cranston and Logan Marshall-Green. The film was produced by Mynette Louie and Trevor Sagan.


Chloe, a single mother living with her daughter Sophia, operates a motel. Topo is a blind man traveling cross country in a Jeep with his associate John. They stop by Chloe's motel, when John hires prostitute Gwen, and convinces Topo to stay the night. When Gwen is entertaining John, an argument has John fatally shooting Gwen, waking Chloe up. Chloe investigating finds Gwen and John dead.

The police arriving, Chloe has a conversation with her police friend Billy who was Gwen's pimp. He comforts her while Chloe tells him she will not allow his girls to use the rooms in her motel anymore, as a social worker was around earlier threatening to take Sophia away. The following day Topo takes Chloe and Sophia hostage looking for the Jeep. As Sophia watches TV Chloe agrees to retrieve the Jeep from the police. Topo forces Chloe and Sophia to stake out Billy's residence. Amber answers the door and Chloe and Billy fight. Billy refuses to give Chloe the Jeep. Topo forces Chloe to break into the police junkyard and retrieve a package hidden behind the radio. After evading the Patrolman, Chloe reaches the car but cannot find the package.

Back at the motel, Chloe learns more about Topo and figures out that he is a courier who is supposed to deliver bundles of money. She proposes to Topo that they split the money if she helps him faster and he reluctantly agrees due to his new impairment. After Chloe falls asleep with Sophia Topo looks around and finds Chloe's hidden stash of emergency money.

The next morning, Topo and Chloe stake out, learning that John was Topo's nephew and Chloe's husband died in a hit and run. After finding Billy, Chloe follows him only to be found out and cornered in an alley. After Billy has Chloe pinned on the roof of the car, Topo sneaks up behind him and interrogates him and heads to Billy's house thinking the money is stashed there. After Chloe finds the money under the bed she is confronted by Billy's wife Amber, whom Topo shoots. They leave after tying Billy to the radiator. They go back to the motel where Topo leaves with all of the money with another associate, Donnie.

Chloe calls the police and tells them that she was a hostage. They tell her that Billy was not found at his house and decide to leave a squad-car there for her safety. Topo and Donnie meet Québécois mafia, Jacques and his associates in a car park. The mafia force Topo into the car and proceed to count the money to find that Topo is missing fifty grand, which Chloe has as her cut. When Jacques threatens to kill Topo, Topo kills them all. Back at the motel, Chloe packs her and Sophia's things, she sends the police away only to be approached by Topo to give her back her cut, when Billy shoots Topo and Donnie, and has cornered Chloe, who then throws him through a window, unintentionally fatally slicing his neck.

Chloe sets the scene to look like a deal gone bad, and takes Sophia into a taxi to parts unknown.



The film was shot over 22 days in October and November 2012 in Windham, Cairo, and East Durham in Greene County, upstate New York.[1] Formerly known as Eye of Winter and Cold Quarter, the film is the second feature collaboration between director Tze Chun and producer Mynette Louie; their previous film, Children of Invention, premiered at Sundance in 2009.[2]


On July 25, 2013, it was announced that Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions acquired worldwide rights to the film.[3] The first trailer was released on July 24, 2013.[4] The film had its theatrical premiere in the UK on September 20, 2013, followed by a US premiere on January 10, 2014.


On Rotten Tomatoes, the film gathered a 44% approval rating. The critics' consensus says, "Despite strong performances from Bryan Cranston and Alice Eve, Cold Comes the Night is undone by a series of illogical plot twists."[5] It has a score of 37% on Metacritic.[6]


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