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Álafoss (Icelandic pronunciation: ​[ˈaːulaˌfɔsː]; eel falls) is a waterfall on the river Varmá in Mosfellsbær, Iceland. A wool factory of the same name has adjoined the waterfall since 1896, when a local farmer imported machinery to process wool using the energy from the waterfall. During World War II, barracks were constructed there for British soldiers. Álafoss played a major role in the founding and growth of the town of Mosfellsbær. The band Sigur Rós has a studio named Sundlaugin at Álafoss, and the otherwise untitled fifth track on the band's "( )" album is nicknamed after the area.

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Coordinates: 64°10′00″N 21°40′33″W / 64.1666°N 21.6758°W / 64.1666; -21.6758