Æðarstein lighthouse

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Æðarstein lighthouse
Djupivogur beacon.jpg
Æðarstein lighthouse (Æðarsteinsviti)
Æðarstein lighthouse is located in Iceland
Æðarstein lighthouse
LocationDjúpivogur, Iceland
Coordinates64°40′05.6″N 14°17′37.6″W / 64.668222°N 14.293778°W / 64.668222; -14.293778Coordinates: 64°40′05.6″N 14°17′37.6″W / 64.668222°N 14.293778°W / 64.668222; -14.293778
Year first constructed1922
Tower shapesquare tower with balcony and lantern
Markings / patternorange tower, red lantern
Tower height6 m (20 ft)
Focal height10 m (33 ft)
CharacteristicFl WRG 5s
Admiralty numberL4750
NGA number19052
ARLHS numberICE-060
Iceland numberVIT-242[1]

The Æðarstein lighthouse (Icelandic: Æðarsteinsviti) is located on the southeast coast of Iceland, on a rocky point on the west side of the port of Djúpivogur.[2]


The Æðarstein lighthouse consists of a square concrete tower, painted orange.[2] A red metal lantern house is placed on top of the tower.[2] The focal plane of the light is 10 m (33 ft).[2] The overall height of the tower, including the lantern, is 10 m (33 ft).[2] The lighthouse is automated.[3] The site (but not the tower) is open to visitors.[2]


The Æðarstein lighthouse was built in 1922.[2] The architect and engineers were architect engineer Thorvald Krabbe and Gudmundur J. Hlíðdal.[4] Before 1966 the lighthouse was white with two horizontal stripes.[3] The light was converted to electric power in 1987.[3]


The light flashes every 5 seconds. The flash is white, green or red, depending on the direction of the viewer.[2]

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