Khao Chon Kai Training Camp

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Khao Chon Kai Terrotorial Defence Student-Training Camp
Part of Territorial Defense Command
Kanchanaburi, Thailand
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A training groud including diluted tear gas, Khao Chon Khai mount can be observed in the background
Khao Chon Kai Terrotorial Defence Student-Training Camp is located in Thailand
Khao Chon Kai Terrotorial Defence Student-Training Camp
Khao Chon Kai Terrotorial Defence Student-Training Camp
Coordinates14°06′12″N 99°25′10″E / 14.103239°N 99.41936°E / 14.103239; 99.41936
TypeMilitary Camp
Site information
Controlled byTerritorial Defense Command, Royal Thai Army

The Khao Chon Kai Territorial Defence Student-Training Camp (Thai: ค่ายฝึกนักศึกษาวิชาทหารเขาชนไก่) is a Royal Thai Army facility located in Tambon Lad Yha,Kanchanaburi province; on the route 3199 (Kanchanaburi - Srinagarind Dam). The main purpose of the camp is for training territorial defence students. On non-training days, activities are provided for all citizens including tower jumping, shooting and sightseeing.


Khao Chon Kai (lit. 'Cockfighting' mount) is believed to be where Khun Krai lived. Khun Krai was the father of Khun Phaen, the main characters from Thai traditional literature of "Khun Chang Khun Phaen". According to the legend, the land originally belonged to Nang Thongprasri, wife of Khun Krai. The word Chon-Kai means cockfighting, as a plain ground which was believed to be the cockfighting ground of Khun Krai was discovered on the top[1].


The location of Khao Chon Kai camp is Tambon Lad Yha, Amphoe Mueang, Kanchanaburi Province, a province in western Thailand.[2]

Military training[edit]

A training session

During January and February annually, the camp is used for training of territorial defence students and then serves tourists for the rest of the year. It was not open for public tourists to camp until 11 March 2000.[3]


Coordinates: 14°08′03″N 99°23′27″E / 14.1341°N 99.3907°E / 14.1341; 99.3907