Wat Buppharam, Chiang Mai

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Wat Buppharam
Chiang Mai Wat Buppharam Great Viharn.JPG
SectTheravada Buddhism
ProvinceChiang Mai Province
MunicipalityChiang Mai
Wat Buppharam, Chiang Mai is located in Chiang Mai Province
Wat Buppharam, Chiang Mai
Shown within Chiang Mai Province
Wat Buppharam, Chiang Mai is located in Thailand
Wat Buppharam, Chiang Mai
Wat Buppharam, Chiang Mai (Thailand)
Geographic coordinates18°47′17″N 98°59′54″E / 18.787948°N 98.998284°E / 18.787948; 98.998284Coordinates: 18°47′17″N 98°59′54″E / 18.787948°N 98.998284°E / 18.787948; 98.998284
Date established1497

Wat Buppharam (Thai: วัดบุพพาราม, pronounced [wát bùp.pʰāː.rāːm]) is a Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Founded in 1497 by King Mueang Kaeo,[1] the temple was where Kawila began a ritual circumambulation of Chiang Mai to reoccupy it after two centuries of Burmese rule.[2] Most of the temple buildings date to the late 1800s.[2] The temple is also known for its Burmese-style chedi, which was rebuilt in 1958, and a Lanna-style ordination hall made from teak and glass inlay mosaic, built in 1819.[3]


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