Jalan Kubor Cemetery

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Jalan Kubor Cemetery
Tanah Perkuburan di Jalan Kubor
Jalan Kubor Cemetery.jpg
Jalan Kubor Cemetery
CoordinatesCoordinates: 1°18′17″N 103°51′32″E / 1.3048°N 103.8588°E / 1.3048; 103.8588
Owned bySingapore Land Authority

Jalan Kubor Cemetery, (Malay: Perkuburan Jalan Kubor) sometimes called Victoria Street Cemetery, is a historical royal Muslim cemetery in Singapore’s Kampong Glam neighbourhood.


In 1824, the land was ceded to the British by Hussein Shah, Sultan of Johor and Singapore, in what is now called the founding of modern Singapore. Five years later, in 1829, a colonial prospector named J. T. Thomson recorded the historical site as Tombs of the Malayan Princes, which is the name that appeared on a map by G. D. Coleman, published in Calcutta in 1836 and in London in 1839. Another name appearing on early maps is Sultan Keramat, meaning Sultan’s Holy Grounds.

The cemetery features tombstones with inscriptions in a diversity of languages and writing systems, reflecting the indigenous peoples of Singapore, including Malay, Javanese script, Buginese Lontara script, Arabic, English, Mandarin and Gujarati.

In 1852, Syed Omar Aljunied donated the large plot of land as a waqf (inalienable charitable endowment) to be used as a Muslim burial ground under the trusteeship of his descendants. In 1987, Singapore Land Authority acquired ownership of the cemetery grounds. In 1998, Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority earmarked the site for residential redevelopment. In 2014 and 2015, a major research project led by Dr. Imran bin Tajudeen was commissioned by National Heritage Board, documenting the entire historical site.

Pioneers of Singapore[edit]

Key historical figures buried in Jalan Kubor Cemetery include descendants of Hussein Shah, Sultan of Johor and Singapore:

Other prominent personalities include:


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