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Tot Nut van het Algemeen

Coordinates: 33°55′29″S 18°25′6″E / 33.92472°S 18.41833°E / -33.92472; 18.41833
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Tot Nut van het Algemeen (trans. 'For the good of all'), commonly known as Tot Nut, was a Dutch-medium school in Cape Town from 1804 to 1870.


The school catered for all nationalities and played an important role in educating the Dutch-speaking children of the Cape Colony. Its curriculum included modern and ancient languages, literature, mathematics drawing and vocal music. The school also maintained a preparatory section for infants. Staff were drawn from scholars, divines of different denominations and eminent professionals.[1]

The precise location of the school has been a matter of some uncertainty. A recent study, however, has identified its original location as being in Strand Street, on the site of the present Cape Sun Hotel. In 1833 the school moved to a new building in Queen Victoria Street, a site which is today occupied by the annexe to the Cape High Court. Schröder's memento states quite categorically that it was in New Street. The school remained on this site until its closure in 1870.[2]



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33°55′29″S 18°25′6″E / 33.92472°S 18.41833°E / -33.92472; 18.41833