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:#{{User4|Newyorkbrad}} (Ira Brad Matetsky, {{NonSpamEmail|newyorkbrad|}})
:#{{User4|Newyorkbrad}} (Ira Brad Matetsky, {{NonSpamEmail|newyorkbrad|}})
:#{{user4|Roger Davies}} ({{NonSpamEmail||}})
:#{{user4|Roger Davies}} ({{NonSpamEmail||}})
:#{{User4|Stephen Bain}} (a.k.a. "bainer", formerly ''Thebainer'', {{NonSpamEmail|stephen.bain|}})
:#{{User4|Stephen Bain}} (a.k.a. "bainer", formerly ''Thebainer'', {{NonSpamEmail|stephen.bain|}})
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:'''Former arbitrators:'''
:'''Former arbitrators:'''
::[[User:Coren|Coren]], [[User:David Gerard|David Gerard]], [[User:Deskana|Deskana]], [[User:Dominic|Dominic]], [[User:Fred Bauder|Fred Bauder]], [[User:FT2|FT2]], [[User:Jdforrester|Jdforrester]], [[User:Jpgordon|Jpgordon]], [[User:Kirill Lokshin|Kirill Lokshin]], [[User:Mackensen|Mackensen]], [[User:Mindspillage|Mindspillage]], [[User:Morven|Morven]], [[User:Neutrality|Neutrality]], [[User:Raul654|Raul654]], [[User:Rebecca|Rebecca]], [[User:Paul August|Paul August]], [[User:Sam Korn|Sam Korn]], [[User:the Epopt|the Epopt]], [[User:Theresa Knott|Theresa Knott]], [[User:UninvitedCompany|UninvitedCompany]], [[User:YellowMonkey|YellowMonkey]]
::[[User:Coren|Coren]], [[User:David Gerard|David Gerard]], [[User:Deskana|Deskana]], [[User:Dominic|Dominic]], [[User:Fred Bauder|Fred Bauder]], [[User:FT2|FT2]], [[User:Jdforrester|Jdforrester]], [[User:Jpgordon|Jpgordon]], [[User:Kirill Lokshin|Kirill Lokshin]], [[User:Mackensen|Mackensen]], [[User:Mindspillage|Mindspillage]], [[User:Morven|Morven]], [[User:Neutrality|Neutrality]], [[User:Paul August|Paul August]],[[User:Raul654|Raul654]], [[User:Rebecca|Rebecca]], [[User:Rlevse|Rlevse]], [[User:Sam Korn|Sam Korn]], [[User:the Epopt|the Epopt]], [[User:Theresa Knott|Theresa Knott]], [[User:UninvitedCompany|UninvitedCompany]], [[User:YellowMonkey|YellowMonkey]]
:'''Others (CheckUser or Oversight):'''
:'''Others (CheckUser or Oversight):'''

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The Arbitration Committee is the panel of editors responsible for conducting the Wikipedia arbitration process. It has the authority to impose binding solutions to disputes between editors. The arbitration policy describes the Committee's roles and responsibilities in greater detail.

In addition to its role in dispute resolution, the Committee determines which editors have access to CheckUser and Oversight permissions, and considers certain matters where exceptional factors such as privacy preclude a public hearing.

Arbitrators are neither Wikimedia Foundation employees or agents, nor Wikipedia executives. They are volunteer users—usually experienced editors and administrators—whom the community of editors at large elects to resolve the most complex or intractable disputes that may arise within the community, and to oversee the few areas where access to non-public information is a prerequisite.

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Current members

The current members of the Arbitration Committee are listed below. Listed with each arbitrator's name is his or her activity status, reflecting which arbitrators are currently active, and which are temporarily inactive. (The "inactive" designation includes any members who are away on wikibreak, who have not participated in arbitration within the past week, or who have posted a statement noting their absence.) The following list is accurate as of 1 July 2009:

Active arbitrators
  1. Carcharoth (talk · contribs · email) (
  2. Casliber (talk · contribs · email) (Cas Liber,
  3. Cool Hand Luke (talk · contribs · email) (Frank Bednarz,
  4. FayssalF (talk · contribs · email) (Fayssal Fertakh,
  5. FloNight (talk · contribs · email)
  6. John Vandenberg (talk · contribs · email) (formerly Jayvdb,
  7. Newyorkbrad (talk · contribs · email) (Ira Brad Matetsky,
  8. Risker (talk · contribs · email)
  9. Roger Davies (talk · contribs · email) (
  10. Stephen Bain (talk · contribs · email) (a.k.a. "bainer", formerly Thebainer,
  11. Vassyana (talk · contribs · email) (Pete Sienkiewicz,
  12. Wizardman (talk · contribs · email) (
Inactive arbitrators

The number of active Committee members on a given case affects the number of votes needed to reach a ruling. For example, if seven arbitrators are active on a given case, then four votes are needed to reach a majority decision; if ten are active, then six votes are needed, and so forth. More information on calculating the majority is available here.


The Arbitration Committee does not have a chair, but may designate one member as coordinating arbitrator to coordinate scheduling and timely performance of tasks. The current coordinating arbitrator is Roger Davies.


Audit Subcommittee

The Audit Subcommittee investigates complaints concerning the use of CheckUser and Oversight privileges. It consists of three arbitrators appointed by the Committee (currently FloNight, John Vandenberg, and Roger Davies) and three editors elected by the community (currently Mackensen, Thatcher, and Tznkai, all interim appointments).

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Ban Appeals Subcommittee

The Ban Appeals Subcommittee considers ban appeals received from banned or long-term blocked users. It consists of three arbitrators appointed by the Committee (currently Casliber, John Vandenberg, and Roger Davies). Arbitrators typically spend three months on the subcommittee with a staggered rotation, one member being replaced each month.

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The Committee's Clerks assist the Committee in procedural aspects of its work, such as opening and closing case pages, maintaining the arbitration requests page, and issuing notifications of decisions. Parties with procedural questions about the arbitration process are encouraged to consult a Clerk for assistance. Template:ArbCom notice banner

Mailing lists


The arbcom-l mailing list is the primary venue for internal Arbitration Committee discussion on all matters under the Committee's remit. The mailing list address is

As of 23 May 2009, the subscribers are:

Carcharoth, Casliber, Cool Hand Luke, FayssalF, FloNight, John Vandenberg, Newyorkbrad, Risker, Rlevse, Roger Davies, Stephen Bain, Vassyana, Wizardman
Jimbo Wales (project founder)


The arbcom-audit-en mailing list is used for internal discussion by the Audit Subcommittee. Please see the subcommittee page for more details.


The clerks-l mailing list is used for co-ordination of clerking by the Committee's clerk team. All current clerks (including trainees) and arbitrators, and some inactive clerks and former arbitrators, are subscribed to the list. Please see the clerk page for more details on clerks-l.


The functionaries-en mailing list is a venue for general discussion among Arbitration Committee members and former members, CheckUser and Oversight operators, and selected other editors. The mailing list address is

The scope is broader than that of arbcom-l; the list is intended for discussion of sensitive matters related primarily to the English Wikipedia project, allowing more effective collaboration among editors with privileged access. The list also has a role in supporting the Arbitration Committee, being available to assist with various matters and acting as a forum for discussion, input, and collective memory as needed.

As of 14 June 2009, the subscribers are:

Current arbitrators:
Carcharoth, Casliber, Cool Hand Luke, FayssalF, FloNight, John Vandenberg, Newyorkbrad, Risker, Rlevse, Roger Davies, Stephen Bain, Vassyana, Wizardman
Former arbitrators:
Coren, David Gerard, Deskana, Dominic, Fred Bauder, FT2, Jdforrester, Jpgordon, Kirill Lokshin, Mackensen, Mindspillage, Morven, Neutrality, Paul August,Raul654, Rebecca, Rlevse, Sam Korn, the Epopt, Theresa Knott, UninvitedCompany, YellowMonkey
Others (CheckUser or Oversight):
Alison (former CU/OS), Avraham (CU), Daniel Case (OS), EVula (OS), Lar (CU/steward), Luk (CU), Luna Santin (CU/OS), Mailer Diablo (OS), Nishkid64 (CU), Redux (CU/OS/steward), Taxman (OS), Thatcher (CU/OS/AUSC), Tznkai (CU/OS/AUSC), VoiceOfAll (CU/dev)
Others (Wikimedia Foundation):
Jimbo Wales (project founder), Brion VIBBER (CTO/system administrator), MGodwin (General Counsel), Cary Bass (Volunteer Coordinator/steward), Tim Starling (system administrator), Werdna (system administrator)