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I've scrambled the password and left the project. Maybe I'll come back some other time. But probably not. Feel free to block this account. Certainly if it starts editing it's not me and I'm happy for immediate indef blocks to be applied.

My experience of Wikipedia has been pretty bad. For sure there's stuff I've done wrong and handled poorly. But there are many editors who are quick to bite the newbies. When someone is making good faith contributions, and is not doing anything disruptive, you should not start throwing around sock accusations. You shouldn't call someone a troll in your first contact with them just because they've expressed a disagreement with you. All that ASSUME GOOD FAITH STUFF? It's important. My time here would have been a lot easier -not just for me but for admins too - if just one person had talked to me. Don't just slap a template up on someone's page, with links to three policy / guideline pages and expect them to get it.
Be honest. That whole "The Encyclopedia that anyone can edit" stuff is lies when you have admins openly saying that they don't trust anons and want forced registration for editing and are happy to block anons before talking.
IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS RANT IS NOT ABOUT ONE ADMIN, but rather about a culture of 'block first', and 'anons don't matter', and 'if you want to edit you should register and log in'.

Put one of those dippy RETIRED banners up here if you like.

I have been blocked, and had the unblock denied. It was a username block. See (talk) (talk) for details.


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