Gitwangak Indian Band

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The Gitwangak Indian Band (formerly Kitwanga) is a band government in the Skeena Country region of northwestern British Columbia, Canada. They Gitwangak people are part of the larger Gitxsan group.[1] Their name means "People of the Land of Rabbits".[2] They are members of the Gitxsan Treaty Society.[1]

Chief and Councillors[edit]

Title Name Appointment
Ending date
Chief Frederick Johnson 05/09/2015 05/08/2017
Councillor Amanda Zettergreen 05/09/2015 05/08/2017
Councillor Chasity Daniels 05/09/2015 05/08/2017
Councillor Holly Harris 05/09/2015 05/08/2017
Councillor Fred Johnson 05/09/2015 05/08/2017
Councillor Tom Johnson 05/09/2015 05/08/2017


Treaty Process[edit]



Residency #
Registered Males On Own Reserve 230
Registered Females On Own Reserve 180
Registered Males On Other Reserves 21
Registered Females On Other Reserves 17
Registered Males Off Reserve 402
Registered Females Off Reserve 453
Total Registered Population 1303


Economic Development[edit]

Social, Educational and Cultural Programs and Facilities[edit]


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