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Abu 'Abd Allah Muhammad ibn Ahmed ibn Muhammad 'Illish
Born1802 CE (1217 AH)
Cairo, Egypt Eyalet
Died1882 CE (1299 AH)
Cairo, Khedivate of Egypt
EthnicityTripolitanian Arab
EraOttoman Caliphate
Main interest(s)Fiqh
Known forMuslim jurist

Muhammad ibn Ahmed ibn Muhammad 'Illish (1802 - 1882 CE) (1217 - 1299 AH) (Arabic: محمد بن أحمد عليش‎), more commonly referred to in Muslim works simply as 'Illish or Sheikh 'Illish, was a 19th-century CE Egyptian Muslim jurist from Tripolitanian origin. 'Illish was an important late scholar of the Maliki school of Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh). He is perhaps the last of a line of widely read and respected sources of traditional fatwas of the late Maliki school from an Azharite scholar. Sheikh 'Illish was an extremely popular teacher at Al-Azhar. His lectures were regularly attended by audiences of over 200 students. In July 1854, 'Illish was appointed the Maliki Mufti of Al-Azhar. By the time of his death in the 1880s, 'Illish was one of the premier leaders of Egyptian scholarly society.[1] His Manh al-Jalil as well as his Fatawa are widely used today among traditional Malikis for fatwa positions of the school.[2]


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