'Tis Autumn

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'Tis Autumn is a 1941 jazz standard written by Henry Nemo. It was first recorded by Nat King Cole. It was later recorded by Chet Baker several times, including his 1959 album Chet,[1] and later with Bill Evans. Red Garland recorded it for his 1959 album All Kinds of Weather[2] and Jackie Paris recorded it for The Song Is Paris (1962).[3] Joe Pass recorded it for several albums, including Simplicity (1967)[4] and Checkmate (1981)[5] and one with Ella Fitzgerald for their 1976 album Fitzgerald and Pass... Again.[6] American jazz singer Stacey Kent covered it for her 2003 album The Boy Next Door.[7] It has also been covered by Stan Getz, Bruce Eskovitz, Carmen McRae, Lee Konitz, Spike Robinson, Eddie Higgins and Bennie Wallace.[8] Redd Foxx and Timmie Rogers sang a duet of it on the "Brother Can You Spare an Act" episode of SANFORD AND SON.


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