't Haantje, Drenthe

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't Haantje
Road in 't Haantje
Road in 't Haantje
Coordinates: 52°48′53″N 6°49′23″E / 52.81472°N 6.82306°E / 52.81472; 6.82306Coordinates: 52°48′53″N 6°49′23″E / 52.81472°N 6.82306°E / 52.81472; 6.82306
 • BurgemeesterBert Bouwmeester
 (1 December 2007)

't Haantje (the Little Rooster) is a small village in the northeastern Netherlands. It is situated northwest of Emmen and is part of the municipality of Coevorden. It lies along the Oranjekanaal, between Noord-Sleen and Klijndijk.

't Haantje was founded in the latter half of the 19th century, when peat labourers spontaneously settled there. On 1 December 1965, the village barely escaped a disaster. A French company working for the N.A.M. was drilling for gas, and started to lose control of the enormous gas pressure. During the afternoon, this resulted in a huge gas eruption. The ground around the hole caved in - swallowing all of the drilling equipment. The gas eruption was eventually stopped by a cement injection from a new drilling hole. A small lake[1] lake surrounded by a forest forms a permanent reminder of this event.


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