Telephone numbers in the Faroe Islands

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Country Code: +298
International Call Prefix: 00
Trunk Prefix: none

Telephone numbers in the Faroe Islands use a closed dialing system.

Format: +298 XXXXXX


Number range Usage[1]
20XXXX Fixed Network
21XXXX - 29XXXX GSM Mobile
3XXXXX Fixed Network
4XXXXX Fixed Network
6XXXXX Fixed Network (including VoIP)
70XXXX Shared Cost Numbers
71XXXX - 79XXXX GSM Mobile
80XXXX Freephone numbers
81XXXX - 89XXXX Fixed Network (including VoIP)
90XXXX Premium rate numbers
91XXXX - 99XXXX Mobile (reserved for 3G)

Special Numbers[edit]

Number range Owner Usage[1]
112 Faroese Telecom Neyðarkall / Emergency
114 Faroese Telecom Politiið / Police (non-emergency)
118 Faroese Telecom Nummarupplýsing / Number Information


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