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Telephone numbers in Albania
Location of Albania (dark green)
Access codes
Country code+355
International access00

For domestic calls (within the country), 0 must be dialled before the user number of another administrative unit. The prefix for international calls from Albania is 00 (e.g., for a United States number 00 1 ... should be dialled). Below is an explanation when dialling a number within the Tirana administrative unit:

     0 4 xxx xxxx    (from within the Tirana administrative unit)
     0 4 xxx xxxx    (from within Albania, but outside Tirana)
  +355 4 xxx xxxx    (from outside Albania)


Albania has the lowest rate of telephone use per capita in Europe with roughly 10 lines per 100 people as of 2008 ITU statistics. As a result, cellular phone use is very common throughout the country. The numbering plan has constantly evolved during the last 30 years. Tirana has passed to a seven digit plan as of 2008 from a four digit plan in the communist period by gradually adding one digit.

New Numbering Plan and Addition of Digit "2"[edit]

As of March 2008, a new numbering plan was introduced in an effort to improve the quality of the service and increase fixed phone use in Albania. The old plan stayed in effect in parallel to the new until 15 September 2008.

The new numbering plan introduces a new digit, represented by the number 2 that is put in front of local telephone numbers country-wide. For example, to dial a Tirana number with the old plan, it would have looked like XXX XXX. With the new plan, the digit 2 is added to form 2XXX XXX. The old plan is defunct and not longer in operation. In total, there are 8 digits for every phone number in the country.

Additionally, changes include the replacement of the Municipality of Laç's calling code with the new 53 code.

Numbering plan by Municipality (effective 15 September 2008)[edit]

This is a list of prior area codes within Albania, incorporated into the user number as of 1 January 2014. To call from one administrative unit to another one, the digit "0" still has to be dialled first, but there is no change when calling from outside Albania.

Municipality Code
Shkodër 22
Vau-Dejës 261
Koplik 211
Bajram Curri 213
Pukë 212
Fushë-Arrëz 271
Kukës 24
Krumë 214
Lezhë 215
Rrëshen 216
Rubik 284
Burrel 217
Klos 287
Peshkopi 218
Bulqizë 219
Berat 32
Ura Vajgurore 361
Kuçovë 311
Çorovodë 312
Poliçan 368
Lushnje 35
Divjakë 371
Fier 34
Patos 381
Roskovec 382
Ballsh 313
Vlorë 33
Orikum 391
Selenicë 392
Himarë 393
Tirana 4
Kamëz 47
Vorë 47
Laç 53
Mamurras 561
Kruje 511
Fushë-Krujë 563
Durrës 52
Shijak 571
Manëz 572
Sukth 573
Kavajë 55
Rrogozhinë 577
Peqin 512
Elbasan 54
Cërrik 581
Belsh 582
Bradashesh 583
Gramsh 513
Librazhd 514
Përrenjas 591
Pogradec 83
Korçë 82
Maliq 861
Bilisht 811
Ersekë 812
Leskovik 871
Përmet 813
Këlcyrë 875
Tepelenë 814
Memaliaj 885
Gjirokastër 84
Libohovë 881
Sarandë 85
Konispol 891
Delvinë 815

Mobile phone codes[edit]

Operator Code
Vodafone Albania(Formerly ABcom,ApNet) 069(69))
One Albania(Formerly Telekom Albania,AMC,ALBtelecom Mobile(Formerly Eagle,Telekomi Shqiptar) 068/067

Emergency numbers[edit]

Emergency service Number
Road police 129
Ambulance 127
Fire brigade 128
Police 129
Emergency at sea 125

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