Telephone numbers in Nauru

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Telephone numbers in Nauru
NSN lengthseven digits
Access codes
Country code+674
International access00

Nauru's country code is +674, and the international call prefix is 00. There are seven other numbers in the system.

Telephone ranges[edit]

In August 2011, Criden Appi, the Director of Telecommunications (Regulatory), said that Nauru advises "only 556xxxx, 557xxxx, 558xxxx are in use for mobiles and there are no landlines in service".[1] In the ranges, X=0-9, and Y=0-9.

Mobile telephone number ranges[edit]

Number range Service
555 4111
556 XYYY
557 8226
558 XYYY
559 9386
559 6085

Fixed line area codes[edit]

Number range Locality
444 XYYY
888 XYYY

Special Numbers[edit]

Service Short code numbers
Police Emergency Service 110
Fire Emergency Service 112
Ambulance Emergency Service 111
Customer Care 123
Directory Enquiries 192

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