Telephone numbers in Samoa

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Telephone numbers in Samoa
NSN length5, 6, 7
  • +685 XX XXX
  • +685 XX XX XX
  • +685 XXX XXXX
Access codes
Country code+685
International access00

National Significant Numbers (NSN):

Minimum number length (excluding the country code): three digits
Maximum number length (excluding the country code): seven digits

Format: +685 XX XXX or +685 XX XX XX or +685 XXX XXXX

Numbering allocation in Samoa[edit]

Number range allocation in Samoa is as follows:[1]

Range Number length Usage Additional information
0 International call prefix
2x xxx 5 Fixed line services Apia area
3x xxx
4x xxx Upolu
5x xxx Savaii
6x xxx Apia
7x xx xxx 7 Mobile services
800 xxx 6 Toll-free services
83 xx xxx – 87 xx xxx 7 Mobile services
89 xx xx xx xx 10 Mobile services
9xx 3 Special services

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