Telephone numbers in Kiribati

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Kiribati telephone numbers
Kiribati on the globe (small islands magnified) (Polynesia centered).svg
NSN length8
Typical format+686957282600
Access codes
Country calling code+686
International call prefix00

Number allocations[edit]

Kiribati numbers were changed from 5 to 8 digits in a phased process between 2013 and 2018.

Landlines (fixed)[edit]

Number range Usage Operator
30000000-30009999 Overseas operator Epcatem Telecom
30001000-30001999 Overseas operator Phone Group
30121100-30122099 Overseas operator Concerotel
62000000-62001999 Post paid wireless Ocean Link
65021000-65022999 Bairiki zone, South Tawara Ocean Link
65125000-65126999 Betio zone, South Tawara Ocean Link
65228000-65229999 Bikenibeu zone, South Tawara Ocean Link
65300000-65300999 Gilbert, Outer Islands Ocean Link
65400000-65400999 Line Islands Ocean Link
65500000-65500999 Phoenix Islands Ocean Link
72000000-72001999 Post paid, IPVPN, MBB ATHKL (Amalgamating Telecommunications Holdings Kiribati Limited)
72700000-72700999 Gilbert, Outer Islands ATHKL
73100000-73100999 ATHKL Office ATHKL
74020000-74029999 SIP IPVPN ATHKL
74081000-74081999 SIP IPVPN ATHKL
75021000-75022999 Bairiki zone, South Tawara ATHKL
75125000-75126999 Betio zone, South Tawara ATHKL
75228000-75229999 Bikenibeu zone, South Tawara ATHKL
75300000-75300999 Gilbert, Outer Islands ATHKL
75381000-75381999 Line Islands ATHKL
75400000-75400999 Phoenix Islands ATHKL
75481000-75481999 Line Islands ATHKL
75500000-75500999 Phoenix Islands ATHKL

Mobile and other services[edit]

Number range Usage Operator
63000000-63019999 Cellular Mobile Ocean Link
720XXXXX-729XXXXX Mobile, North and South Tawara 3G
73000000-73059999 Cellular Mobile ATHKL
73140000-73140999 ATHKL Staff Mobile ATHKL
733XXXXX-749XXXXX Mobile 3G
780XXXXX-782XXXXX Mobile, Kiritimati 3G
783XXXXX-785XXXXX Mobile 3G

Special services[edit]

Usage Number
International direct dial 00
Faults and Service Difficulties 100
Police (Child abuse & domestic against violence) 188
Police 192
Fire 193
Ambulance Bikenibeu 194
Ambulance Betio 195
Shipping information 1050
Weather information 1055
Airport information 1059
Time announcement (language 1) 1051
Time announcement (language 2) 1052

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