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À Suivre
À Suivre #11. Artwork by Ted Benoît.
EditorJean-Paul Mougin
CategoriesComics magazine
First issueFebruary 1978
Final issue
December 1997

À Suivre or A SUIVRE (English translation: "To Be Continued") was a Franco-Belgian comics magazine published from February 1978 to December 1997 by the Casterman publishing house. Along with the comic book magazines Spirou, Tintin, Pilote, and Metal Hurlant, it is considered to have been one of the major vehicles for the development of Franco-Belgian comics during the 20th century.

History and profile[edit]

À Suivre was established by Casterman publishing house in 1978.[1] The magazine was published on a monthly basis.[2] It presented the work of major European comic book artists including Hugo Pratt, Jean-Claude Forest, Alexandro Jodorowsky, Milo Manara, Masse, Jean (Mœbius) Giraud, Jacques Tardi, François Bourgeon, F'Murr, Ted Benoît, Guido Crepax, Vittorio Giardino, François Schuiten,[2] Benoît Sokal and François Boucq. It was a pioneer in introducing graphic novels.[1]

In the early 1990s À Suivre was printed almost in full color.[1]

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