À la Recherche de la Nouvelle Star

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À la Recherche
de la Nouvelle Star
Country of origin  France
No. of seasons 1
Original network M6
Original release 2003 – 2003
À la Recherche de la Nouvelle Star
Season 1
Broadcast from March 27 – July 10, 2003
Host(s) Benjamin Castaldi
Jonatan Cerrada
Genre(s) Pop
Thierry Amiel
(With dates of elimination)
Belgium Jonatan Cerrada Winner
France Thierry Amiel July 10
Canada Jean-Sébastien Lavoie July 3
France Alexis Juliard June 26
France Laetizia Alberti June 19
France Yoann Kelyann June 12
France Jonathan Hassen-Ali June 5
France Cindie Bruzzi May 29
France Priscilla May 22
Belgium Gabrielle Ducomble May 15

À la Recherche de la Nouvelle Star (Looking for the new Star) is a reality television show based on the popular British show Pop Idol. The show is a contest to determine the best young singer in La Francophonie. It was hosted by Benjamin Castaldi. The Belgian singer Jonatan Cerrada won over Thierry Amiel with 50.4% of the total votes, and went on to represent France at the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest, with "À chaque pas".

After the first season the show was renamed Nouvelle Star.


The first series of À la Recherche de la Nouvelle Star had seven audition cities to find the best talent in all of La Francophonie :

Toulouse (8 February)
Lyon (14 February)
Marseille (18 February)
Rennes (22 February)
Paris (28 February)
Brussels (7 March)
Montreal (14 March)


Finals elimination chart[edit]

Date Bottom Three
May 15 Gabrielle Ducomble Cindie Bruzzi Yoann Kelyann
May 22 Priscilla Alexis Juliard Cindie Bruzzi(2)
May 29 Cindie Bruzzi(3) Jonathan Thierry Amiel
June 5 Jonathan(2) Alexis Juliard(2) Yoann Kelyann(2)
Bottom Two
June 12 Yoann Kelyann(3) Laetizia Alberti
June 19 Laetizia Alberti(2) Alexis Juliard(3)
June 26 Alexis Juliard(4) Jonatan Cerrada
July 3 Jean Sébastien Lavoie
July 10 Thierry Amiel Jonatan Cerrada

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