Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada

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Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada
Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada (2010).jpg
Ágatha in 2010
Born Águeda Isabel Ruiz de la Prada y Sentmenat
(1960-07-22) July 22, 1960 (age 56)
Madrid , Spain
Nationality Spanish
Spouse(s) Pedro J. Ramirez (separated in 2016)
Children Tristán Jerónimo Ramírez
Olivia Cósima Ramírez
Parent(s) Juan Manuel Ruiz de la Prada
María Isabel de Sentmenat y Urruela
Awards Fashion Ambassador Award (2009)
Fashion Oscar Award (2004)
New Yorker Award (2007)
Agatha Ruiz de la Prada
Industry Clothing
Founded 1981
Headquarters Madrid, Spain
Key people
Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada
Products Clothes, fragrance
Website http://www.agatharuizdelaprada.com

Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada y Sentmenat (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈaɣata ˈrwiθ ðe la ˈpɾaða]; born 22 July 1960)[1] is a Spanish noble and fashion designer. She is the 12th marchioness of Castelldosríus, Grandee of Spain and the 19th baroness of Santa Pau.


Ágatha entered fashion in 1981 with her women´s collection in Madrid.[2] She opened her first studio in the Spanish capital and began to participate in fashion shows in Madrid and Barcelona. Agatha was a promoter of the “Movida Madrileña,” an artistic and Cultural Revolution in the 1980s.

Commercial success came with her partnership with El Corte Inglés.[3] She started to gain international recognition by means of her fashion shows in Spain, France, Italy, Colombia, USA, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo and exhibitions in Tokyo, New York, Paris, Moscow and Bucharest.

In 1991, Agatha licensed her brand, expanding her line to include men´s, women´s and children´s fashion, ceramics, toys, shoes, linens and towels, make-up and more. Her stores are located in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Milan, New York, Oporto and Mallorca and she is present in over 140 countries around the world. This year, in occasion of the 30th Anniversary of her first fashion show, she inaugurated her Foundation.

Her perfumes belong to Puig company.[4]

Personal life[edit]

She married Pedro J. Ramirez and they have two children, Tristán (b. 1987) and Cósima (b. 1990).[5] In 2016 they separated. Her daughter, Cósima Ramírez always wears Agatha Ruiz de la Prada 's design when attending public and private events.[6]


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