Águila Islet

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Águila Islet
Native name: Islote Águila
Dramirez map.png
Águila Islet on Diego Ramírez Islands (last on the bottom)
Coordinates 56°32′15″S 68°43′10″W / 56.53750°S 68.71944°W / -56.53750; -68.71944Coordinates: 56°32′15″S 68°43′10″W / 56.53750°S 68.71944°W / -56.53750; -68.71944
Archipelago Diego Ramírez Islands
Adjacent bodies of water Pacific ocean
Region Magallanes
Province Antartica Chilena
Commune Cabo de Hornos
Additional information
NGA UFI=not listed

Águila Islet (Spanish: Islote Águila, "Eagle Islet") is the southernmost point of the South American continent (including the islands, but not counting the South Sandwich Islands). It is part of the larger southern group of the Diego Ramírez Islands, about 100 km (62 mi) southwest of Cape Horn in the Drake Passage.

The distance to the closest Antarctic lands (Greenwich Island, South Shetland Islands) is about 800 km (497 mi) and to the mainland (Antarctic Peninsula) is about 950 km (590 mi).

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