Álvaro V of Kongo

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Álvaro V
Reign27 February to 14 August 1636[1]
PredecessorÁlvaro IV
SuccessorÁlvaro VI
Regnal name
Álvaro V Mpanzu a Nimi

Álvaro V of Kongo, also known as Álvaro V Mpanzu a Nimi, was the ruler of the Kingdom of Kongo for a short period in 1636.[1]

The king was part of the Kimpanzu kanda. He was a cousin to the founding monarchs of the Kinlaza kanda that would rule the kingdom until the Kongo Civil War. King Alvaro V took power after the poisoning of the young king Alvaro IV. King Alvaro V was jealous of the growing power and status of the future Alvaro VI and his brother.[2] He raised an army against them and was defeated. The brothers spared him and allowed him to continue as king.[2] Six months later, the king made a second attempt, at which he was slain and the throne passed to King Alvaro VI of the Kinlaza.[2]

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Preceded by
Álvaro IV
Succeeded by
Álvaro VI